Relenta Review- CRM Software

Relenta CRM is basic but all capable to bring all your clients contacts into one program. It manages contact information so efficiently and lets your client connect to your specific employees, projects, and departments. It streamlines the sales and customer service procedure of your company.

The email-based solution allows you to send and receive emails very conveniently from the CRM program. Also, Relenta allows you to share your email inbox with different groups and divisions in your organization.

This concludes that you can filter incoming emails to go to everyone that needs reach to that interaction and data.

One another tool comes along with Relenta is the feature of sending out mass emails that are separately addressed and personalized rather than rigid and non-specific.

If you want to specify the contact fields to pull info from, every newsletter, thank you card or sales announcement can include personalized data by individual interests and contact data on each customer.This becomes a great help in creating effective email marketing campaigns and accentuate your company’s foundation.

The attached mobile app permits you to connect to your CRM software along so that you don’t have to carry around bulky files or stuff your phone with lots of apps. Relenta provides you ease to work with one app on your phone or tablet.

Though there is not much guidance within the CRM solution itself there is ample of support options available on its website if you think you need assistance. You can optimize your CRM business software with its online tutorials and FAQs section in your CRM business software.

You can connect to live support, either by calling the company directly or getting the online email form to ask your question. An email response will be received within 24 hours.

Relenta doesn’t have sales and marketing equipment or employee tracking activities which are available on some very best CRM software. Along with the features, the basic CRM functions work normally.