Punchh CRM Software – A Review

When it comes to the plethora of various available CRM software, Punchh has built an innovation feature. It is a Mobile CRM platform for restaurants which can use the ability of mobile devices along with social networks to accelerate and measure repeat visits of customers, word of mouth and referrals.

Using this software, restaurants can interact with their customers via mobile devices. It offers the convenience that is not present on other platforms.


1. This CRM comes with loyalty suite which consists features like tiered membership, sweepstakes, etc.

2. With its web-based dashboard, a business can collect real-time information and insights about its customers which include visit frequency, reviews, referrals along with measuring and increasing the ROI of various marketing campaigns.

3. It also comes with mobile apps for engaging customers. It also provides big data analytics of customers, and integration with social media and various other third party systems.


1. Using this CRM software, brands can easily target their audience with various offers. Organic leads are the most needed resource in sales,

2. With customized surveys along with ordering gift cards, online order tasks along with adding various reviews are unique benefits which come with the package.

3. Along with integration with different computing solutions is assisted by connections via social media.

4. Consumers can refer their family and friends via social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others.


Even though it comes with great functionalities, it is targeted only for restaurants. It misses few features which may improve the tasks of collecting sales reports along with consumer experience with the restaurants.


Punchh CRM is quite a unique platform, especially for restaurant owners. Despite its limited features for this industry, it does provide an essential platform to increase ROI of marketing strategies of restaurants with social media driven reviews, referrals and word of mouth.

In case you are looking for a nitty CRM software for your restaurant business, this is the CRM which will we definitely recommend. In case you try this software, then do let us know about your experiences on how it affected your restaurant business. Also, don’t forget to post your views and suggestions regarding this software in the comment section below.