OnContact Review Best CRM Software

Oncontact is one of the only companies that provide both cloud-based and on premise solution. The software provides the company the ability to link departments together by linking customer data between everyone. The data is also in reach through OnContact CRM mobile app.

With the huge amount of features and tools, the CRM solution is built to help increase your customer experience by infusing transparency and enhancing accuracy throughout the project pipeline.

Contact Management

OnContact has all tools you require to organize your client contact data. Real-time sharing allows every authorized employee and department to have access to important customer data. This keeps whole staff, from customer service personnel to IT support to sales teams onto the same page, so your clients get the best services you offer.

It provides simultaneous reach and creates transparency which eliminates unwanted repeat calls from customers and lower the likelihood of customer support falling through the cracks.

The main difference between the client relation tools provided by OnContact and the best CRM solution is the available storage space. OnContact provides 2GB of data to the first user and extra 2GB for the next five. For a small business, this makes an ideal storage space.

But for a lot of clients, 2GB may fill up quickly. OnContact allows you to buy extra space while many other CRM software companies include unlimited data storage as a part of their CRM package.

Sales & Marketing

The CRM software solutions have basic tools for filling and managing client information. Many CRM solution does not include sales and marketing features but OnContact does provide this. This CRM software allow you to collaborate sales strategies, email marketing campaigns, and product order tracking.

With report generation on OnContact, many things can be predicted like future of the company, sales quotes, and strong leads. Also, everyone in the enterprise can be granted reach to information within OnContact. It allows you to offer products and services on basis of individual needs and meet client demands effectively.