NetSuite CRM Review – CRM Software

Though NetSuite can be purchased as a standalone application, NetSuite CRM is part of the ERP business solution. The NetSuite CRM software is amazing to use and provides some very accessible and useful CRM tools for interacting with customers, for tracking leads, organizing and regulating email marketing.

It has a very convenient feature of an e-commerce application, that attach your CRM to your website. This will provide you ease to track your client activity and manage the information into reports and forecasts that will help your business a great deal.

NetSuite comprises of every needed CRM tool. You can check details of any ongoing or past activity, like what problems the contacts faced with your products and services and which employee assisted them. You may also check if there are repeat customers.

It also helps you in the easy delegation. You individual employees and departments can access to client contact and information and also the history.

The CRM solution allows you to send individual emails, and you can also send mass emails from the customer relationship management application. This means you can simultaneously generate an invoice and send it via email without opening your email account in a separate window.

You can call your client from NetSuite with its dialing feature. You can easily import contact information from different programs, also from an Excel spreadsheet. Shifting from your old CRM is way too easy and convenient.

You can simply upload all your email contacts and extra information from your previous CRM program into NetSuite. It will automatically take care of converting, formatting and saving the data.

This cloud-based application allows you to access client information from any computer, laptop or mobile device. The solution is equally compatible with Mac computers and devices.

Sales & Marketing

You can easily track client activity on your company website, using e-commerce add-on. NetSuite provides you data of potential clients, who are visitors on your site and it imports their data into the software.

Also, if you have got information fields on your website, the information is captured from there and filed in your CRM. Even if you miss getting the personal client data, NetSuite traces their cyber paths, like the link they click on and the pages they view.

Further, the information is sent to the sales team, for future marketing campaigns, lead generations, and sales forecasts.

Since NetSuite CRM is part of the ERP business application, it comes with all the tools you need to track sales activity, create marketing campaigns, send sales receipts, monitor inventory and generate leads.

The application makes it possible to automate sales and track your competition. All of these are invaluable tools that can help you grow your bottom line.

Help & Support

NetSuite ensures a great support system for its clients. The staff is quite dedicated to helping all queries and goes beyond to make sure that your problem is solved.

Email questions are answered within 24 hours and wait time on the call is decently short. There are online tutorials included on its website and also a FAQ section is mentioned.


NetSuite provides you ease to connect you with all of your clients and personnel. Those who are located in other countries can also be contacted easily.

It keeps your data secured on NetSuite server and gives you access from any mobile device. You can easily be connected to your clients during all hours of the day.