infor Epiphany CRM – A Review

infor Epiphany CRM is considered to be among the most comprehensive CRM software that are present in the market. It integrates various departments of your business like marketing, service, and sales, in a seamless fashion. This particular software is based on B2B and B2C solutions present today. This solution has been designed to create and influence intelligent customer interaction. It presents a system for such interactions at every point.


  1. This software features both inbound and outbound marketing possibilities that eventually channelize the campaign process in easy and structured manner. It also creates profiles of customers in a real-time fashion which allows identifying the high impact offers. Its marketing features also include various solutions for planning campaign along with its execution and management. It also provides lead and list management too.
  2. It provides quick access to recently created, edited or viewed records of opportunities. It also provides list views of opportunities. The user can easily get hold of various opportunity data records without any hassle.
  3. Its workflow engine provides the ability to implement the best opportunity management practices. Its pre-designed graphs along with charts of analytics of sales are nicely displayed on the dashboard and also on reports.
  4. It provides great customer service and support to the users. It also consists of features to create new Service Requests or cases, their assignment to management, and other tasks. It also creates and keeps a knowledge base along with a customer self-service portal for the users.
  5. The software also helps in personalized contact center operations which also provides all round information of the customer to the service representatives.



  1. It enables continuous customer interaction on real-time data.
  2. It also allows handling customer decision management on a real-time basis.
  3. It also helps in setting sync of various sales efforts.
  4. Its automation is quite fit for hospitality industries.


This software doesn’t have any significant drawback. However, it is sometimes too complex for new users.


When it comes to an optimized solution of customer relationships along with integrating it with marketing, sales, and service, it provides a complete solution.

You can try this software for managing your customer interactions. In case you go for this software, then do let us know your experiences along with your opinions in the comment section below.