Contact Plus Review- CRM Software

Contact Plus is on-premise CRM solution which is loaded with ample of advanced features and functions that are traditionally found in best CRM software.

Though the application is clean enough and has all simple needs for contact management software. It also includes email integration, customer portals, and dialer.

The interface of the CRM can easily connect with your email program to get the contact information. After then, you can easily generate new leads and compose and send emails from within Contact Plus. Contact Plus also include many amazing sales applications in addition to the basic CRM activities.

You can easily make and send email marketing campaigns, follow leads and track orders as they develop through the sales timeline.

Every department can view every project and manage their particular area. Also, they can connect and watch the same data within CRM. The group calendar is a very convenient thing to meet company goals on time.

You can make your phone meetings and online chats convenient for yourself and your clients by using U.S. map feature to locate where your customer is placed, including time zone.

You can also plan strategies on based on your customer’s location and know about the locations of your clients and competitors’ location.

To view the sections of Contact Plus you require, you have to click on the suitable tab. The taskbar at the top of the screen can show 11 tabs at a time. The additional tab allows you to scroll to the next tab page and view extra functions.

Though it becomes little uneasy to keep track of which tab page you require for every activity. It becomes inconvenient to flip pages every time.

Contact Plus is a nice, simple CRM software that will help you more easily connect with your clients, track them and project management steps. While many simple CRM activities are included, like customer accounts, email marketing, order tracking.

This customer management software doesn’t have anything unique to stand out from competition.