AIMcrm Review – CRM Software

This customer relationship application has more options than any other application. Also, it has excellent Sales and marketing tools. There are ample of options like filtering, organizing etc. into this CRM software.

Though AIMcrm does lack some features in comparison to other CRM software choices; for example, the software lacks the options to show contact information and account history, account notes. This CRM software is recommended for its strength in Sales & Marketing.

Contact Management
With many other customer relationship management software choices, AIMcrm has the capability to mingle with email clients so that you can reach to your customer data and emails within the same application.

There is the option of calendar integration, so when you arrange a meeting, any appointment and phone call, it will reserve the meeting time on your calendar.

Sales & Marketing
The design of AIMcrm is impressive enough but it should be a bit more focused on viewing contact information. The CRM software helps you to add all required data to every contact including websites, account activity, history of contacts and travel instructions.

There is the option of linking contacts to each other and to their respective companies for much efficiency.

Employee Tracking
Ample of features and tools available through AIMcrm were impressive enough. AIMcrm manages all inbound phone calls and also has software dialing capabilities. The phone calls are tracked, depending on their associated campaign and will be routed to designated personnel.

The CRM software monitors your campaigns to see how many people are looking for a certain campaign and which campaign is most revenue giving. There are custom fields you can choose to find out which campaigns are best for your company.

Ease of Use
AIMcrm has a different design that is unmatchable from any other CRM software. It’s easy to move inside and use it. On top of the application, there is a drop down menu bar like Contacts, Account, Settings, Campaigns, Help, and Reports.

The drop down menu will offer tools that you would like to work with. Tools can be accessed running down the left side of the application that change according to the main category you choose.

Help & Support
There is one major lag because it doesn’t allow users to contact their Help and Support team through email. They give you a toll-free number which can be useful for users. Also, there is physical mailing address.

According to feedback, many users are comfortable writing email rather than talking on the phone. Writing and sending a letter to a physical address is convenient enough, though.

Through their toll-free number, you can talk to a representative regarding the software. The representatives are very well informed about the application and have enough knowledge about the concerning tools and features that are available.

You will be pleased enough to receive the help because they ensure that the questions get addressed quickly and expertly.

If you have got your plans to upgrade your Sales and Marketing department, AIMcrm is one of the best software choices for you. We also feel that the design of other applications provides more effectiveness in terms of contact management, AIMcrm provides convenience in other areas.

This application is highly recommended by us so that users can take complete advantage of their different features and tools.

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