How To Easily Create Portable Version Of Your Favorite Software In Windows

We all know that software are soul of any computer. Without good software, your PC is living dead that can perform some basic tasks but cannot be productive and we purchase computers to make it more productive by installing various software time to time. However, there are many interesting software that came every day we like to install in our system but don’t because installing many software could result in slow down of the computer system.

In such cases, portable apps comes into rescue. By using portable apps, we do not have to wait until we use our computer, we can take all our favorite apps in a simple pen drive and use in any system without any worry of downloading and installing the app. Portable apps become handy when you have Windows OS in your system because we all know that every Windows is big in size and takes lot of space.

Thats the reason portable apps are useful because they don’t need to be installed – you just have to run the program from your thumb drive. There are many software out there that comes with their own portable version. But majority of programs don’t offer their own portable version. But you don’t have to worry my friends, there is a portable applications creator called Cameyo.

Cameyo is a free portable application creator that allows you to pack an entire application into one single .EXE that you can take it with you anywhere without having to reinstall it every time. You don’t have to reinstall all your application every time you change, upgrade or reformat your computer.

If you too want to have portable version of your favorite apps wherever you go, have a look on How to create portable version of your favorite apps in Windows using Cameyo!

Let’s see, a detailed guide :

1. Download and Install Cameyo in your PC.

2. After installing Cameyo, click on Capture Installation.

3. Now, Cameyo will take a snapshot of your system prior to the installation of your coming portable app. This will take time depending on your computer system speed. A dialog will be appear as shown below.

4. After the system snapshot process is over, Cameyo will allow you to proceed with the installation of the app. Now, after software installation is complete, click on Install Done as show in the image below.

5. Cameyo will now take another snapshot called Post-Installation snapshot. Please don’t restart the process because it will take much longer time than it takes for pre-installation snapshot.

After post-installation snapshot is completed, a dialog box will appear showing successful creation of package.

6. Congratulation, you just have created the portable version of your favorite app. You can find the installed application as a single virtual file in the directory of Cameyo. You can copy that file in your thumb drive and use it anywhere you want without installing anything.

For a video guide on how to create portable apps in Windows, check below video :