3 Best CPQ Software with Buyers’ Guide


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CPQ Software

CPQ software is practised by sales professionals to offer cost evaluations and estimates for custom orders, in the context of a built-to-order manufacturing process. With a CPQ solution, a sales associate can use provisions, order volume, and other details from the client to estimate the spot. It is critical to streamline the sales process and guarantee that sales presumptions do not fall through the cracks because they did not receive a prompt evaluation.

CPQ software frequently combines with a manufacturer’s customer connection management (CRM) system, and in some cases with their material necessities planning (MRP) system, further streamlining the sales-to-manufacturing method. The CPQ solution might be one module within a more comprehensive CRM or MRP suite in other circumstances.

Features of CPQ Software

Although each system is likely to have the unique characteristics that may make it a better or worse fit for your business, there are many core features common to most CPQ solutions.

Analytics: Provides comprehensive reports and data, typically in a dashboard setup, sales KPIs, and other market metrics of how the CPQ system has been used in the past. Some programs can do forecasting or other imminent analytics to gauge prospective sales and configurations.

Guided selling: Sales professionals can automatically find fitting products based on their needs and requirements.

Price and quote: The core feature of a CPQ system, price and selection initiates the price based on a client’s requirements and addresses the section.

Renewal management: Helps sales professionals in maintaining needed orders or renewed orders with the clients.

Product configuration: Permits businesses to set logic rules for how products can be configured and what quality of customization a client can choose.

Mobile compatibility: Many CPQ programs allow mobile compatible apps for sales specialists that are on the go. These apps are regularly just as completely featured as their desktop equivalents.

Pricing Models of CPQ Software

Most modern CPQ practices are cloud-based and typically priced as monthly dues, based on the size of the buyer’s market or the number of named users. 

Advantages of CPQ Software

Easier deployment is accessed online, rather than established on the users’ local servers.

Shorter implementation time for the same reason as above.

Automatic updates pushed out by the businessperson rather than the user having to connect updates themselves manually.

However, some CPQ software sellers might contribute to CPQ software hosted on-premise and priced as a perpetual license. Typically with perpetual licenses, regardless, annual fees for support and maintenance still apply.

Nevertheless, be aware that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of subscription-based products tends to converge with persistent license-based products over time. While you’ll pay less upfront for a subscription, the subscription fee reappears monthly. With a perpetual license, recurring payments are much more inexpensive and tend to be less frequent (e.g. annual fees for support or upgrades). Check out our TCO computer tool to learn more or compare costs of specific products.

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