Corel Video Studio Review

Corel Video Studio has been part of topbest video editing softwareavailable in the market. With its wide range of editing tools, transitions and effects along with its simple yet intuitive interface appeal both beginners and professional users alike.

Editing Tools

This software provides you 21 video tracks, 2 title tracks, 8 audio tracks and one voice track based on which you can easily build your projects. With these number of editing tracks, one can easily fit his/her needs of both simple and complex projects.

Corel Video StudioX10offers timeline/storyboard combination. Storyboard is also considered to be simple workflow while the timeline is much more advanced. No matter whichever workflow one prefer; one can always toggle between the two modes with keeping the edits intact.

The easiest way for a beginner to improve his/her editing skills is to build the basics of his/her the project in storyboard mode, then make a switch to the timeline to make more detailed adjustments and improvements.

With over 500 choices of transitions and effects, one can create professional videos as per his/her requirement. Using these features is as simple as drag and drop the effects onto the clip one wishes to enhance. But tasks like color correction, motion controls, and stop-motion animation requires more practice and knowledge to operate.

The best audio editing features of this software are Audio Ducking and Scorefitter. Audio ducking gives you way more control over what your audience hears. In case, the background music is overpowering onscreen dialogue, audio ducking adjusts the volume of background noise automatically when it detects more important sound such as dialogue.

The other audio tool is Scorefitter. Is is a library of royalty-free audio files, which also include songs and sound effects. It automatically adjusts your music and sound to fit according to the length of your project.

Ease of Use

This software is quite handy for users when we talk about its ease of use. It takes only a few minutes to build a simple test video. It comes with various bundled applications among which, FastFlick allows you to create your videos in just a few minutes. Just load your media and the program will automatically create an instant video according to the best shots.

You can then export/import these projects into VideoStudio for further tuning and effects.

Sharing Options

It supports the popular video format like AVI, WMV, MPEG, and MOV. It also allows you to export your files easily using preset export options. It also provides advanced control over a technical aspect of exporting the video like, frame rate, resolution and alternate codecs with its easy to use customizable controls.

This software allows you to upload your final product to various sharing sites such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Help & Support

For novice and more skilled users both, Corel VideoStudio provides extensive resources for training and learning options. For example, it provides 45-day access to StudioBacklot.tv, – a resource with training materials, stock media, and tutorials.

There are a lot of features this software has which makes this our one of the favorite software. Its easy to use interface and flexibility makes it an obvious choice. Go ahead and try this software and dont forget to mention your views on the comment section below.

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