Common Windows Errors & How To Fix Them

Windows 10 is a versatile operating system with a bunch of software support and perfect for gaming as well. Even though it is the most popular desktop operating system, it comes with its fair share of issues.

Well, that does not mean that you shouldnít opt for it. Itís just better to know the solutions to common errors to avoid pitfalls while using the OS.

For the most part, the errors are nothing serious and can be easily fixed. But, if you donít know what you are doing, you could end up messing the system totally. So, to help you out with the issues on Windows 10 and to prevent you from endlessly looking for solutions on search engines like Google, we have compiled a list of common Windows errors along with their potential fixes.

Common Windows Errors & How To Fix Them

1. Browser Errors

If you donít clean up the junk files, cache and cookies on your Windows 10 system, you will notice some browser issues with a variety of errors.

Sometimeís a website wonít load up and sometimes you might encounter an error code like 501.

First, you need to clean the junk files (it might prompt you to login again to the sites you use). To get around that, you need to ensure that you have the correct system time. And, if you already have that, make sure to update your Windows system and also try tweaking the DNS that youíre using. In either case, you can also try using a VPN.

Of course, sometimes it could be fault of the website. In order to make sure that itís you and not the website, you can try loading it up on Google Page Speed Insights to see if it loads up properly. If the tool mentioned works and you still canít access the website, you might want to try some of the solutions mentioned above.

2. CPU Usage 100%

You wonít get a pop-up saying that your CPU usage has spiked with a 100% usage. But, itís a common problem with Windows system.

Often a program goes rogue or your system gets affected by malware. If itís just a rogue program running in the background, you can head to the task manager and end it.

You can try running Adw Cleaner to get rid of any malicious programs or unwanted programs from your system.

In either case, if itís a malicious process and Adw Cleaner wasnít successful, you might want to try stopping the program and deleting the file from your system at the same time. Be cautious about what youíre about to delete, just in case.

3. DLL Not Found Errors

No matter youíre just browsing the web, gaming, or just working with spreadsheets on your Windows machine, DLL missing errors are quite common and can be quite annoying. But the good thing is, you can fix it easily.

You can try to troubleshoot by re-installing the program or just download  the missing DLL file from DllDownloads.

If nothing works, you should contact the software support for a proper fix.

4. GUI Apps Crashing

With Windows, everything is GUI-based but sometimes a few programs with hardware acceleration turned on depend on the graphics drivers to work properly. Hence, they keep crashing with a variety of fatal errors.

You might have tried troubleshooting it by re-installing the app, but sometimes itís just the graphics driver that needs an update. No matter whether itís NVIDIA or AMD, you just need to update the drivers and check if that fixes it for you.

5. Blue Screen of Death

Your system crashes and you notice a blue screen with some information in it. Thatís called the Blue Screen of Death and rightly so.

It often refers to some serious issues. If you encounter several times a day, you might want to check your hardware and diagnose whatís causing the issue.

If you notice BSoD a couple of times, you should start re-evaluating your installed programs and the storage space that you have. First, ensure that you have no rogue applications or unnecessary malicious/junk files conflicting with Windows. If youíre sure about that, probably a hardware failure (mostly the hard disk) is about to happen.

In either case, a Windows update fixes the issue as well.

Wrapping Up

There are several other types of errors on Windows and every user will encounter something different. However, here, we try to address some of the most common issues that you might end up dealing with.

What errors do you usually get on your Windows machine? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.