College Course Boredom: Avoid Going Crazy with these Apps

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You’re sitting in a huge lecture hall, listening to your professor drone on about Imperial Rome. Sure, Julius Caesar and his conquests are important, but itís hard to stay focused during a long lecture in a cold, dark room.

Every college student finds themselves in a position where itís impossible to listen for one minute more without going crazy. Fortunately, you’re not doomed to mindless doodling or staring at the back of the person’s head in front of you. With some great smartphone apps, you’ll make it through the lecture and out the door while keeping your mind engaged (maybe just not on ancient Roman history).

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Dead Space

Hailed by tech website T3 as one of the hottest apps of 2013, the Dead Space app brings the fantastic visual world of the popular Dead Space video game to smartphones. In this third-person shooter game, available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, youíre in charge of leading the struggle to overtake dead bodies coming to life. Although the game is gory, it is popular with hardcore gamers as well as those just looking to kill some downtime. You might even find yourself looking at awesome new cell phones to take full advantage of the amazing graphics. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Sometimes the best apps are those that are reminiscent of our favorite childhood games. Channel your inner Boggle expert with Ruzzle, supported on Android, Blackberry and iPhone platforms. The app displays an array of letters on your screen. Your job is to swipe your finger to create words from adjacent letters ó the more letters a word has, the more points you get. Choose between a randomly selected opponent or challenging a friend to a personal match. With just three rounds per match, Ruzzle is a great game to play when you just have a few minutes to waste.


Itís tricky to translate a classic board game into an addicting app, but the makers of Risk have succeeded. Available for Blackberry, Android and iPhone, Risk is the ultimate game of world domination. Navigate the classic map as you fortify your territories and gradually take over the world. If youíre in the mood for a quick game during class, make use of the ‘quick play’ mode to conquer a single hemisphere. Have a friend sitting next to you? Enter the two-player ‘pass ‘n’ play’ mode to surreptitiously pass your smartphone back and forth. Just make sure to keep the volume off to keep your professor in the dark about your virtual world conquests.


There are numerous reader apps available, but this is among the best, reports Digital Trends. With a sleek design and a simple user interface, ReadItNow! is highly customizable and available for Blackberry users. Just input your favorite sites and watch your home page fill up with great content. The app allows you to seamlessly share interesting content with social media sites and adjust the font size to meet your needs.

Plus, unlike other competing reader apps, ReadItNow! doesnít host annoying ads, allowing you to keep track of your favorite blogs without being inundated with distracting advertising information. If you just canít pay attention in class but donít want to waste your time on games, use this app to stay up-to-date with the information thatís most important to you.

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