3 Best Club Management Software : Buyers Guide


Membership-based groups/organizations, Platform that makes it easy to coordinate members, plan events, and so much more from a unified and collaborative space


Powerful software solution for clubs to enable integrated management of gym areas, Inquiry of Membership, Payroll Employee HR Schedule Tracking, Sales Marketing

Friendly Manager

Cloud enabling clubs to share & manage all clubs needs from one system, Empowers teams to manage emails registrations fees coaches/umpires competitions uniforms

Club Management Software

Club management software is a foray of software that provides establishments like clubs, gyms, health spas, and fitness centres collaborate administrative activities, including bookings, client inquiries, payment processing, and team performance and communications. It also offers to facilitate users service renewals with services to promote and manage events.

Benefits of Club Management Software

Automated tasks: Club management software streamlines and helps in fast executions of operations by automating daily tasks liker member data entry, member check-ins, schedule management, and membership renewals.

Enhanced member engagement: The software gives an avenue to the users to create member portals and online forums where members can share their experience and communicate with administrators as well as other members. This helps to improvise member satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Features of Club Management Software

Membership management: It is easier to save and edit member details, search for members, and upgrade/downgrade memberships.

Attendance tracking: Tracking of member attendance and access individual and overall attendance logs.

Team management: Managing employee timesheets and work schedules.

Online bookings: Enabling members to sign up for classes/events/sessions via online channels.

Member portal: Enabling members to view, edit, or cancel their bookings, post reviews, and helps in communicating with other members or club administrators.

Inventory management: Tracking inventory transactions, including issues, receipts, returns, and adjustments, and set automated reorders when the stock of a particular item runs low, becomes faster and easier.

Billing and invoicing: Manage to bill and invoicing for subscriptions, membership upgrades, and cancellations.

Price of Club Management Software

Most products available in the market are priced on a per month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. The premium product is rated higher have additional features like background checks, lead management, and advanced analytics.

Things to Consider while buying Club Management Software

Availability of mobile app: A mobile extension will mean better engagement of members with the ongoing business. The options for free registrations, payments, push notifications, etc. will provide users to stay connected with you more closely. For user and the staff, it will translate into greater flexibility in accessing the tool from anywhere as it is cloud-based, to stay updated about any developments and handle operational tasks like taking attendance, accepting payment, and uploading member details.

Integration with other business applications: The club management software user chooses should be able to integrate with a user other business software such as your CRM and accounting platforms. This will reduce manual effort and error while transferring business data across separate tools as well as consolidate information residing in different applications.

Club Management Software Trends

Social media is becoming core engager and business influencer for success in any sphere. While social media presence is now a top priority for almost all businesses, clubs and similar establishments must get updated. Social media is evolving as the ideal medium for not only building a more personal relationship with existing members but also in reaching out to newer audiences and prospective clients. As a result, the number of software products featuring some social media capabilities is increasing in the present day market.

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