Choosing a SaaS Development Company: What to Look At

SaaS Development

Software as a Service or SaaS is a new approach used in distributing applications over the internet, which has replaced the traditional software distribution model to a great extent—and this has given the SaaS development model a lot of popularity in the past few years. 

Recent statistics have revealed that the SaaS market has seen lots of growth and expansion, which is expected to reach $172.20 billion by 2025. All this can be attributed to SaaS development’s benefit to businesses. Now, with the ever-increasing demand and popularity of SaaS, the number of Software as a Service development companies is also growing. And while there are hundreds of SaaS development companies available today, it’s not easy to find a reputable SaaS development company.

In this post, we shall give you the most important things to look at when searching for a SaaS development company if you want to enjoy the benefits of custom software development. Read on for more information.

Evaluate the company’s technical expertise

A reputable SaaS development company must have a history of working on projects similar to yours. They should have expertise in the technologies that you utilize or plan to implement at your end.

For instance, if your business website is built entirely on open-source technology, it would be best to search for a company that’s well-versed in these technologies and has earlier developed sites using them. This will help you avoid compatibility issues with the final product since you can rely upon their experience and expertise.

In addition, choose a company with enough resources to meet your project deadlines—a professional service provider won’t miss deadlines due to technical limitations or lack of knowledge about relevant technologies.


When you hire a SaaS development company, they must remain in touch with you at every development process step. This will help both parties know exactly what’s happening and avoid surprises or misunderstandings later on.

So look for a company that keeps you updated about your project status. Here are a few things to check:

  • Are they available to respond to all your queries and emails?
  • Do they offer constant updates about the tasks being worked upon and their respective statuses?
  • Are there regular follow-ups after task completion as well as during development?
  • Is their team easy to reach out to, or do they keep delaying important meetings until it’s nearly too late?

If the answers are positive, then it means that this company has enough potential to become your SaaS development partner.

Verify who will work on your project

Before you choose any SaaS apps development, ensure that the team assigned to your project has at least one member capable of understanding and responding to all your queries with expertise and insight. Even if they have about 5-6 members working together on a certain task, make sure they’re giving it their full attention. This will help you avoid mistakes caused by miscommunication among the team members since this could result in some costly rework later on.

It is also important to see who will be working on your SaaS project and how many people are involved in the development process. A team of 3-4 members may not be able to handle large projects; bigger companies could provide you with dedicated teams for each task and experienced project managers who can stay updated about the progress made at all times.

Investigate references

While it’s always a good idea to hire a company with an impressive portfolio of work, it’s equally important to contact their previous clients and inquire about their service quality and overall experience—since most satisfied customers would happily offer recommendations or referrals. This might sound like a time-consuming option, but at the end of it all, you will have a better idea about the SaaS company’s reputation and credibility and receive some invaluable suggestions.

If possible, ask their current customers for references as well so you can contact them and inquire directly—such first-hand sources can give you a more realistic image of what to expect from their services.

Examine the licensing and security policy

While this topic might not be particularly important to some businesses, all customers need to familiarize themselves with intellectual property rights (IPR) to avoid misunderstandings later on. Most SaaS service providers claim full ownership of the final product, which you will receive, but if they’re unable to provide any documents or licenses that prove their claims, then you should know that your website may not be completely under your possession.

Also, ensure that the company has taken enough precautions for data security. At least one level of backup is necessary in case of disaster strikes, while multi-layered protection ensures no chances of data loss at any point. Through regular updates about their security policies, you can stay up-to-date about the measures being taken to safeguard your data.

Identify the company’s support system

Since no project can go smoothly when there are frequent interruptions due to technical error, you should look for a SaaS development partner which provides comprehensive customer support through different channels, including phone calls, emails, and live chat, so you won’t have to wait too long without help. It’s also essential that they inform you about all the fees or charges associated with calling them over the phone—some companies may charge anything between $20 and $40 per call. In contrast, others would provide free consultations depending on your contract with them.

When assessing their online presence (i.e., verifying their website and social media platforms) and support services, ensure that you inquire specifically about their 24/7 availability. It would be a major drawback if they couldn’t take your calls or answer your queries between business hours as this could result in some serious setbacks for your work.