How to Choose an Invoice or Billing Software for Your Needs

Billing Software

Today the software industry is filled with plethora of good options, when it comes to Invoice and Billing. Each product is unique with its own feature set and pricing structures. Well, choosing one of the many, can be a very strenuous task, especially when you don’t know your needs. Understanding your problems, we at Software Suggest have curated a list of the parameters to be considered for choosing a Invoice or billing software catering to your business taste, needs and budget.

  1. Cost

Let’s start with the easiest yet important parameter of choosing a software. There exists a huge price difference in the products available. Some products might be free while others could charge thousands of dollars, aiming at the bigger companies. Thus, before you choose, start by checking the price of the project management software because a few might be crossing your budget.

  1. Data Allowance

Does the product cater to all the important fields that you want to fill in? In cases of trading companies, inventory modules are required. Does your GST billing software fit in the category? Is it allowing you to import data from external sources? Would you be able to export your items to any open file format if such need arises? Ask yourself these questions. If it’s a yes, for all of them, just buy the software.

  1. Tax Requirements

Does the billing software meet the essential requirements of the local Tax Authority? Or bill your VAT, GST, Sales Tax, etc? For instance, are you expected to display your Tax registration number? Are you expected to display words such as “Tax Invoice” on all your bills? Is the tax component specifically indicated on your invoice? Do you apply the tax as total? These are some of the crucial things that one must take into notice while choosing a Project Management Software.

  1. Essential Documents

As a business company you must prepare estimates and quotes of the documents. Converting quotes into invoices can be a big-time saver. Does the GST Billing Software customize the documents as per your tastes and need? Does this product allow you to add the logo or customize its colour or look by the virtue of your company stationary? If yes, then it’s your correct choice.

  1. Search Feature

You should be able to enter a simple search criterion and very simply locate your invoices, customers, inventory items etc with great deal of accuracy. The Billing software should complement your growing database.

  1. Reports

As a user you should be able to obtain the relevant reports from various products like debtors, sales, receipts, and customer statements.

  1. User Security

The product you apparently choose must have a certain mechanism that allows you to control and monitor what other users can have access to.

Other than these, support options and hardware requirements should also be taken into consideration. With these parameters you’re ready to choose the product perfect for you!