3 Best Child Care Software Buyers’ Guide

Blossom Educational

Most intuitive, easy to use, comprehensive online learning, assessment/management, Created & driven to streamline administration, track learning & communication

Ticks and Tots

Child care solution for messaging, attendance management, child’s progress updates thru media, payment/birthday reminders, cubby needs, class wishlist Emergency


Children enrichment programs, after-school Clubs/camps programs, Offers centralized class/program management, online registration/payments, robust forms library

Child Care Software

Child care software offers users to manage the day-to-day operations of preschool/daycare facility centres, private schools, and child care centres. The applications can be utilized for functions like maintaining children’s data, handling scheduling, helps in keeping track of immunization records, and monitors attendance in child care centres.

Advantages of Child Care Software

Automation of administrative tasks: The child care software self-automates administrative tasks like online registration, record keeping, and daily task/reporting so that employees can utilize more time focusing on the children themselves.

Child behaviour and growth with deeper insights: The child care software offers to help employees to observe/record the pattern in a child’s behaviour by digitally recording the child’s activities. It provides building extensive profiles that help it easy to identify child-related issues and track the progress of the child’s behaviour.

Better engagement with parents: The modern child care software offers help to employees to keep the parents updated about the child throughout the day with the use of notifications. Employees can notify with real-time photos and daily reports via mobile apps or text messaging.

Enhanced staff coordination: Digital systems are accessible to multiple users in separate locations as opposed to paper-based methods. This makes it easier for employees to update the requisite records on the spot.

Feature of Child Care Software

Calendar management: Create, administrate and share multiple calendars to stay updated on varied schedules.

Registration management: Enlisting and registering children for the child care facility.

Attendance tracking: Track children attending the school or the total number of children in the facility. Managing staff check-in and check-out.

Billing and Invoicing: Creating and managing monetary interactions for the parents and child care centres.

Communications management: Recording and tracking of all the communication with parents.

Parent Portal: Online gateway offering parents to access and update children’s personal information.

Meal tracking: Tracking of planning, scheduling, and distribution of meals in the child care centre.

Price of Child Care Software

Products available in the market are priced on a “per child, per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product that is priced higher may have additional features such as mobile applications and advanced training.

Points to ponder while buying Child Care Software

Integrated financial accounting management: Taking care of all the bills & invoices and sending them one by one to parents is a hassle. Consider purchasing a child care software with which employees can issue email invoices that are sent directly to a parent’s email. It improves the entire process of billing, thus making financial accounting for the facility a breeze.

Ease of use: Target users for a child care software will not just be the employees of a child care centre, but also the parents. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to choose a software that has an easy-to-use interface and does not require much training.

Child Care Software Trend

Mobile apps can help customers manage their tasks efficiently: Accessibility of child care software on mobile devices can be a boon for working parents and mobile staff members. Most of the child care centres are purchasing software offering a native mobile app. Employees are happy to use the app to organize admin tasks and connect with parents from anywhere. Also, parents can use the same app to track their ward’s real-time status. They can make payments, and access reports from anywhere.

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