3 Best Camp Management Software & Buyers’ Guide

RMS Cloud

Cloud based software system Designed to meet the business management integrates with website Create a total booking & property management solution Designed to be quick to learn Easy to use

Campground Master

Task of reservation management Hospitality or rental business Transition to a computerized system Quick & easy Ease of use Flexibility Manage business the way you want Simplified way of run


Complete online enrolment management system Embed widget into website & Facebook page Accept online bookings & payments 24/7 Real time availability Add custom options & questionnaire booking form

Camp Management Software

Camp Management Software combines various functions, while smaller sellers may provide systems which focus specifically on individual aspects of camp management, such as registration, reservations or health records. The systems will be equally applicable to camps and campsites which focuses on facilities management, while others are specifically geared focusing on booking campsites or registering for camps.

For successfully managing a business without dedicated software, and camps/campgrounds are no exception. Manage day-to-day tasks and upkeep, track payments and streamline operations using software can make it easier for you to organize bookings and registration.

You’re getting the functionality that is right for a specific business. Overdoing it by purchasing a system that provides tools you’re never going to use will ultimately cost more money than it saves. 

The best way to figure out which software will work for you, consider best combination of the features you think will serve your business. Some sellers will find options to pursue, while others may be unnecessary.

Features of Camp Management Software

Registration. A large number of camp management software sellers are registration software providers who have modules geared towards registering for camps. The systems will assist streamline the registration process, integrating with website and assist to create easy, intuitive registration pages.

Booking. Campsites require to know who’s actually going to be camping on land and for how long, and booking functionality will assist keep track of that. The system will streamline the booking procedure and integrate with website to make it simpler for patrons to book a spot at campground and to keep track of who’s there at a given time.

Facilities maintenance. Camps and campgrounds attractive is the scenery, that you’ll want to keep as pristine as possible while making sure that campers have access to all the necessary modern amenities. Facilities management tools play a crucial dual role for camp management software, permitting to track the maintenance of bathrooms, cabins, kitchens etc., and ensure the natural beauty of the camp is maintained through regular cleanups of the site.

Payment processing and accounting. Larger systems may provide basic accounting functionality to assist you keep track of the financial aspects of the business. The most popular function for camp management software is payment processing, that will permit to track and process payments made by parents on behalf of child campers.

Record keeping. Software sellers will take the data from registration forms for creating a database of camper information. Others will permit to enter important data about campers and families into the systems, having medical records, for easily accessing it when required.

Marketing. More robust camp management systems will assist  plan and implement marketing campaigns for camp, campground or campsite, from email blasts sent to existing customers for advertising to capture new business.

Considerations while Buying Camp Management Software

Your market: When you are a desert campground which attracts vacationing families in RVs, chances are that you’ll have various software requirements than a surf camp for teenagers. The primary consideration for software required to be the business segment that the software is targeted towards. The platforms are better for one type of business than others, while others can be equally useful to both.

Your requirements:  Camp management software can assist in managing everything from registration to medical records, so you require to consider how you’re going to utilize the software. If you expect to utilize it solely to register campers and payments, look for a system which is specific to those requires rather than a larger, more expensive system that provides functions and tools user will never use.

Integration with other systems: Customer relationship management (CRM) software or accounting software may not want to lose which while purchasing new camp management-specific software. Some camp management systems will permit to integrate with those other software platforms for a seamless experience, while others may not have that capability.

Camp Management Software Trends

Cloud-based software : Cloud-based software solutions are increasingly popular with businesses thanks to the advantages they tend to provide modern companies, as compared to on-premise systems. On-premise software will need to have the space for physical hardware and the IT knowledge and resources to implement the software, that be difficult at a camp or campsite. Cloud-based systems are easily and quickly implemented, with fewer up-front costs and less of a need for IT assets. Cloud-based systems are suited for smaller businesses which lack IT resources. However, if camp is located in a remote area that lacks reliable internet access, you require to go with an on-premise system to avoid possible software down time.

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