3 Best Big Data Software & Buyerís Guide


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Minitab Statistical Software

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Big Data Software

Big data is high-volume, high-velocity, high-variety information assets which needs and demands cost-effective innovative forms of information processing.

Big Data Software have business intelligence (BI) tool that does this all-important processing. More specifically called the big data analytics tools, these solution platforms are designed to parse through voluminous, disparate datasets, they may be product data, customer data, employee data etc., to discover meaningful patterns that connect them and help in visualizing the results in an easily understandable way for stakeholders to make firm decisions.

Features of Big Data Software

Because big data is a broad term, the functionality of big data tools can also vary a lot. Some tools are there to represent robust BI suites like those which can handle data collection, extraction, cleaning, visualization and more, while other tools are more stripped down, which more focused on solely one aspect of big data analysis.

Data extraction : Geting out raw data from many other integrated sources and reformatting it all into a similar schematics or format for easier analytical purposes.

Data mining : Using statistics and data modeling for analyzing vast amounts of disparate data and identifying trends or patterns which can connect them and learning more about data mining. 

Data visualization : Visualizing trends in an easy-to-understand graphical form as these visualizations are usually customizable and interactive, permitting users to change many scales and data sources for analyzing the upcoming trends.

Predictive analytics : Applying discovered trends from historical data sets for creating models predicting what is likely to happen with that data moving forward.

Reporting : Allowing users for creating and distributing a pre-loaded set of customized reports or customize their own.

Considerations while Buying Big Data Software

Just picking a software based on good reviews and signing on the purchase is a surefire way to end up with buyer’s remorse. While evaluating various big data tools and asking for more from software vendors, here are a few things buyer should keep in mind:

Meaning Full Pattern : Big data tools can’t find meaningful patterns if you don’t know where to look. That’s why it’s important for you to define a purpose for the big data tools before investing. Common reasons company might invest in such tools have enhancing the customer experience, deploying increased targeted marketing and enhancing process efficiency.¬†

BoB or Integrated Suite :  Best-of-breed (BoB) or stand-alone big data solutions are robust but need integration with many other system and solution to become useful. In many cases, a customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning suite with built-in analytics may be a better option, especially when buyers are only looking to gain insights from the data in that single system.

Big data tools can’t do it all : You need a secure, organized data warehouse to store your vast amounts of data. You also need skilled staff who are able to manage your systems and interpret the data. Don’t put the cart before the horse, so to speak, by buying a big data tool without the right systems and employees to support it.

Big Data Software Buying Tips

To find the right big data tool for your needs, which is actually a complicated software market for beginners. Check this out before buying;

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