Best Portable Apps

portable apps

If you keep working on lots of shared or public computers, then the Portable Apps are very useful when productivity is concerned. These programs are intended to run from Portable Hard Drive, USB memory stick, or an iPod, permitting you to transfer your settings and files from computer to computer.

In general, portable apps are programs and software which you can run separately from removable drives (like pen/flash drive) without even going through the hassles of installing them. These are used widely and have been the favorite approach for the professionals of diverse industries. With portable apps, you can leave the laptop behind; connect the removable drive in any client’s machine, run an application without even worrying about leaving behind anything.

portable appsBest Portable Apps

In this post, we’ve attempted to show a set of free and useful applications which you can run from thumb drives independently.


Opera is a full featured browser, gaining popularity rapidly. It is fully handy, keeping all the data in local folder. Although it’s perhaps known as most excellent for its existence in mobile space, the Opera’s desktop browser always has had a good experience to it. It’s extremely fast, renders well, responsive, and is packed together with a lot of features which other browsers overlook carelessly and don’t appear to consider.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox, portable version lets you leave no private information on the machine on which you run it, so you can now take your preferred browser along with your favorite extensions and bookmarks with you wherever and whenever you go. It is a full-featured, fast web browser which is simple to utilize. It has many great features including tabbed-browsing, popup-blocking, integrated search, automatic updating, improved privacy features, and much more.

Google Chrome

This web browser arguably is the most essential portion of software on a computer. You spend a lot of your precious time online inside any browser: when you chat, email, search, bank, shop, watch videos and read the news online, often you do all this utilizing a browser. Google Chrome is intended to be quick in every way possible. It’s fast to start from your desktop; it loads web pages just in a moment as well as runs complex web application lightning fast. Its browser window is simple, clean and streamlined, and has features which are designed for ease of use and efficiency. For instance, you can navigate and search from same box as well as arrange the tabs as you wish – easily and quickly. Chrome is intended to keep you more secure and safer on the Internet, with built-in phishing protection and malware, auto-updates to ensure that you’ve all the most recent security fixes and a lot more.

Zoundry Raven

This is next generation WYSIWYG’s blog editor which makes posting to the blogs faster and easier. Raven is open-source client, plus it supports all the famous blog formats such as Blogger or WordPress and it also is a good option to famous Windows Live Writer.

Windows Live Writer

Windows Portable Live Writer has all the blog settings, FTP settings and ping server settings to redo. WLW is offline desktop app with rich editing feature, which you can make use of to create certain posts and publish those to your blogs (all famous blogs are supported). WLW provides the average features obtainable with excellent text editors together with the blog-specific features such as managing different blog account, opening and retrieving freshly published posts, setting up publishing of posts as well as extension using plug-ins.


FileZilla is known as a reliable and fast SFTP and FTP client. It includes site manager and it supports downloads/uploads queue, timeout detection, keepalive, HTTP 1.1 proxy and SOCKS 4/5 etc. One among the most important FileZilla benefits is that this application is extremely user friendly and easily you can download, upload, and manage folders and files. The software offers security solutions that encrypt and protect the data during the connections to the server.

Portable Safari

This is one among the portable apps which is packaged therefore you can carry out around on any of the portable device, iPod, USB thumb drive, memory card,  portable hard drive, other portable device (also on internal hard disks), taking your preference with you. This is the most excellent browser merely because it is created by Apple.


It is a FREE of cost RSS news aggregation key which provides strong, state-of-art features all in an intuitive and user-friendly environment. It is the most tough, highly-functional private aggregation solution in the market these days. It vigorously reads, collects, as well as organizes syndicated Web contents, and flawlessly delivers it to user desktops directly. With Feedreader, you’ve instant and convenient access to up to date news which you need, without even information overload. This is one among the portable apps which downloads updates automatically from your favorite sites. So, this eliminates the requirement for you to monitor several Web pages constantly, while permitting you to identify and recover new articles immediately – no matter how much long you’ve been far away from your table.


This display full pages of the news articles all over rss feeds, just optimized for quick reading. This is very quick. Even with thousands of rss feed subscription, GreatNews’s response always is instantaneous. You can choose to demonstrate news from all the channels on same page. And you’ve full control on what number of articles should be displayed at a time. GreatNews takes good care of the pagination for you. It supports all key feed formats, counting RSS 0.9x, 2.0, Atom 0.30, 1.0(rdf), and 1.0. Support famous extensions like content:encoding, dublin core, etc.

Foxit Reader

It is a fast and small PDF viewer. Whether one is a consumer, government agency, business, or educational organization, one need to read, produce, sign, and interpret (comment on) the PDF documents and also fill out the PDF forms. It is a lightning fast, small, and features rich PDF viewer that allows you open, view, and print any of the PDF file. It is the only higher volume PDF reader offering a full PDF creation solution, offering power of the PDF creation to each desktop. It comes equipped with complete protection against the security vulnerabilities; maintaining your company and system safe.