10 Most Expected PC Games Of The Year 2011

Dragon Age, Left for Dead 2, BorderIslands, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, BioShock 2, Bad Company 2, Mass Effect and list goes on! If you’re a gaming freak who is just passionate about cool engaging games, you surely know what’s my topic for the day. Well, rightly guessed, it’s all about games.

Personally, I love PC games but I’m not that passionate gaming freak who is keenly interested in knowing about what’s new in the gaming field. But writing about the cool games interests me a lot. So, here I’m with the best PC games of 2011 to keep y’all engaged. My article is totally dedicate my article to the geeky gaming freaks who are always keen to know what are the latest games that will make them go crazy. Remember the Top 15 Best PC Games Of Year 2010 we came up with a few months back?

Here, we are once again talking about the Best PC Games 2011 available but then these are entirely different from the ones already showcased. Pinned below are the best PC games you can expect to be available this year. Go ahead and check out the most probable best PC games of 2011.

Let me introduce you to the Best PC Games that are sure to go on sale in 2011. These are The Lord of the Rings, Dead Space 2 that has already been released, F1 2011–FIFA 2011–PES 2011. You can soon expect them to be up for sale. Listed below are the most anticipated best PC games of 2011. Take a look!

1. Final Fantasy 2011

Final Fantasy Versus 13 is a PC Game that revolves around Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is the prince and the most recent inheritor to an unidentified empire in which the preceding Crystal is reserved. The PC Game is said to initiate at the “clearing” of a long Cold War between Nations that warring these revolve about crystals. The game is expected to be available in 2011.

2. Metal Gear Solid: Rising (2011)

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is an upcoming game in the Metal Gearseries. The Metal Gear Solid: Rising (2011) will be starring Raiden and will be exclusive to the Sony Playstation 3 PS3, but will also appear on the Xbox 360 and PC. Metal Gear Solid Rising is rumored to be released in this year.

3. Duke Nukem Forever’

Duke Nukem Forever’ has been officially announced in full Penny Arcade Expo and after an long process of 12 years of development. ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ confirmed officially for the year 2011 that too with the video. It is like dream come true for many gaming freaks out there.

4. NBA Elite 2011

Expected to be available in October 2010, the NBA Elite Game for some reasons got delayed and now will be available sometime in 2011. NBA Elite, EA was originally named NBA Live, and changed to Elite. NBA Elite 11 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was announced to be available this year.

Some drastic changes were made like new control system, new graphics, new and physics system to enhance the user’s experience. NBA Elite is the basketball game that will let the player control each movement, dribbling, shooting, stealing and blocking real-time with a new control system against each one.

5. Max Payne 3

MP3 was originally expected out in late 2010 on PS3, 360 and PC but its release was delayed and it is scheduled to be available in 2011. It will likely use the extra time to further improve the game, Take-Two going on to say that the team at Rockstar is focused on creating the best possible experience with MP 3.

6. Mortal Kombat 2011 PC game

Announced by the Warner Bros. , the new Mortal Kombat title Syndicated as “the most brutal edition” game will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 this year. Marking the triumphant return of the series to mature presentation and a reinvention of the classic 2D fighting mechanics, the game will be powered by a new graphics engine. The cool new features introduced on Mortal Kombat are team combat and deep story mode of the game genre. Also, it will incorporate the most extensive online experience never before seen in a fighting game, in which up to four players can fight in groups and two players, can play at the new Cooperative Arcade mode.

7. Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi vs E3 2009

Star Wars: The Old Republic, abbreviated TOR, is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) by BioWare. The Old Republic Takes place Thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader and at a time when to WAS raging war Between the Old Republic and the Sixth Empire.

8. Hitman 5

Hitman 5 is an upcoming game in the Hitman series and is being developed by IO Interactive. Agent 47 will return as the protagonist. The game will be released around Christmas 2011 at the earliest. Hitman is one of Eidos’ biggest brands, which seem to be in quest to keep us all engaged. Hitman 5 will add to a series of British retail chains and secure the release of the game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 28, 2011. For Your Information, the Hitman-5 is the temporary name of the game.

9. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is the third game by the acclaimed development staff behind ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. In the game, a young boy and a gigantic creature form a heartfelt bond as they attempt to maneuver their way through an unfriendly world. The Last Guardian Game is scheduled to be released in Q4 2011 by Sony.

10. Crysis 2 PC Game

Crysis 2 is a game that each gaming freak is well acquainted with. Developed by Crytek, it’s a great and amazing FPS game in which the gamer needs to defend against a massive alien attack that took the city of Manhattan, the game takes place in 2023 and uses the 3.0 version of the CryEngine game engine. The Cyrsis 2 PC Game can be expected this year.

Here, the list of 10 most expected PC Games of the year 2011 comes to an end. With the release of new and cool games, we can well understand that its just a myth that the era of of PC games has come to an end. We can expect a lot more exciting games in the future.