8 Best Free iPhone 4 Word Games To Have Fun With

iPhone 4 is a latest offering for smartphone lovers out there from Apple. A lot of buzz is already created because of various reasons like latest features which includes multi-tasking in iPhone for the first time, front-face camera etc. But, the hottest thing was the poor antenna reception in iPhone 4. As a matter of fact, reports shows that sales has been increased tremendously after the poor antenna reception issues.

Whatever the reason behind iPhone 4 success, its surely the best smartphone out there in the market. Everyone loves it because of lots of beautiful screen, touch-interface, apps, games and lots of other cool stuff associated with it.

Even I reviewed 42 best free iphone 4 apps some days before which was much appreciated by our readers and now this time I am gathering best free iphone 4 word games. You must be thinking there are so many games categories available for iphone, why word games? Believe me I find word games to be extremely stimulating. And these iPhone 4 word games come handy for children to improve their knowledge range along with fun.

There are not so many free iPhone 4 word games available in the iTunes store but the ones listed here are quite good and free to play. So, have a look on SaveDelete’s compilation of 8 best free iPhone 4 word Games to have fun with. Install them right now and play with your friends, family and online players.

1) Hangman Free : Hangman Free is the best Hangman game available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game faithfully captures every detail of the classic Hangman experience, right down to the chalk dust. Hangman Free supports one player and two player gameplay, so you can let a friend choose a word or have your phone select a word from a broad range of categories.

Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game -1

2) Word Ace : Word Ace combines a classic word game and Texas Hold ‘Em into an online multiplayer game you can carry in your pocket! Compete against thousands of players online to spell the highest-scoring words, and see how many chips you can win.

Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game – 2

3) Jumbline Lite : Jumbline is a familiar and fantastic word puzzle that will challenge your speed, your agility, your pattern recognition, and your spelling prowess, as you try and find all the possible words within a set of letters. Shuffle the letters, jumble the blocks, mix’em, find them, underline them.

Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game – 3

4) Word Scramble 2 : Scramble is the fast fun game of finding words in a jumbled grid. Quickly slide your finger over letters next to each other to make words.


Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game – 4

5) Moxie : First of all, it’s a word game that’s DIFFERENT from anything else you’ll find on the App Store, and that’s by design. Moxie is the word game guaranteed to please. Play one game and you’ll be hooked.


Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game – 5

6) Words With Friends Bee :Now you can play everybody’s favorite crossword game with your friends and family – for FREE. Turn based design lets you play up to 20 games simultaneously.

Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game – 6

7) Frozen Lexicon: Frozen Lexicon is a word based puzzle game in the style of Text Twist and other anagram solvers that will give your vocabulary a serious work out. If you think you’ve got what it takes, step up and take the challenge.



Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game – 7

8 ) Spel It Rite : This game has been designed to help you train your ability to recognize misspelled words. The user’s objective is to identify typos as fast as possible. For each error, a penalty of 5 seconds is added to the total time. At the end of each round, the user is given the possibility of reviewing his or her results. This version contains over 700 of the most difficult to spell words.


Download Free iPhone 4 Word Game – 8