15 Free iPhone Apps To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Beloved Ones

Seems like love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is almost here and I’m sure all you in love are making great plans to bring a smile on your special one’s face with wonderful surprise. Chocolates and roses are undeniably gonna be the part of the special gift that you have planned for your loved one.

Haven’t you planned yet? I can understand the confusion regarding the gift but you need to pull up your socks and think of some special gift. Last moment pick sometimes can make the things messy and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spoil your day.

Hey, how about wishing your Valentine with a tweet or an app? In today’s tech world where almost everyone is drooling over the geeky gadgets, speaking your heart out in techie way would add to the excitement. If your valentine has an iPhone or you plan to gift an iPhone, I would rather suggest you to download some cool apps specially designed for the Valentine’s Day.

You can undeniably enjoy the special day with your special one through your iPhone by applying the Valentine’s apps. Listed below are top 15 best free iPhone apps to celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved one.

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1) Say I Love You :

How about saying ‘I love you’ that too in different languages? What better way than letting the little gadget help you express your feeling on the very special day! Download the app for free and ‘Say I Love You’.

2) Valentine Photo Free :

Valentine Photo Free-Picture with Love is an app that that lets you add Valentine’s photo effects on your pictures or the picture of your loved one. With the option of around 20 images of lovely effects, you can make the images look more appealing. Simply select the picture, drag and drop item, rotate or scale the item, save the image and share it with your valentine.

3) Valentine RADIO :

Yet another cool app that is actually one of the most romantic radio stations. There is the selection of over 20 radio stations to choose from. Imagine yourself on the date with your loved one and suddenly soothing romantic songs start playing. You actually would want to stand up and dance with your special one.

4) An app to tell :

Make a guess as to what the app would be about. Yes, its an app that lets you declare your love with style for the Valentine’s Day. Simply record an audio message for the one you love, add a short text and a photo that can be taken using the built-in camera or you can pick from your photo album and send an unforgettable memory. It’s rightly an iPhone app dedicated to those in love.

5) Love Horoscopes :

Loved ones are more concerned about the horoscope of their special ones. With the ‘Love Horoscope’ app you can also view daily power numbers, celebrities born on the particular day and predictions.

6) iValentine :

iValentine is the card-sender application for Valentine’s Day. The app is available for free download and will let you send your card to your loved one from your iPhone. It’s the fastest and easiest Valentine’s card sender application available!

7) Valentine Wallpapers for Retina Display :

Download the Valentine Wallpaper for Retina Display iPhone app for free and check out the amazing range of Valentine’s Day wallpapers right at your fingerprints. Load the wallpapers at super fast speed, select your favorite one, save it, and share it with your valentine.

8 ) California Blooms :

With the California Blooms iPhone app you can order the freshest, boutique-grown roses from anywhere, at anytime that too in the matter of few minutes. I hope you all have got the idea from the name itself that the roses will be available in US. The roses are grown in California and delivery within 24 hours is assured.

9) Valentine’s Day: 14 best free apps for your love :

If you’re single and would like to find love for Valentine’s Day, then this iPhone app by MagicSolver is just for you. From around 300,000 apps on the App Store, MagicSolver after selecting the best 14 free apps is here to help you surprise your love on Valentine’s Day and find your date in 14 days if you are single. Sound good…hmmmm!

10) Phone Framer Lite-Fun Frames :

The app lets you frame the pictures, save and share the same. Snap it, frame it, save it! PhoneFramer makes it easier for the user to framing any picture to give a special touch to it enhancing the overall magnificence.

11) Valentine SMS :

Valentine SMS iPhone app lets you text creative SMS to your love ones the Valentine’s Day. Download the app for free and access SMS templates specially for this Valentine’s. Happy texting!

12) Valentine Arrows :

Valentine Arrows is an addictive shooter game that putting you in Cupid’s shoes offers the utmost entertainment. If your gal is not the gaming freak then you will have to make sure you’re not playing while on date. But if she does; both of you can have a good time together playing the exciting ‘Valentine Arrows’ game.

13) i love him :

Do I need to say anything further? The name of this iPhone app says it all! The cool ‘I love him’ app offers you the simplest way to call and text your other half directly from your iPhone screen besides admiring his photo every time you are about to make a call. Show him how special he is to you!

14) i love her :

Here comes another cool iPhone app with the name to tell y’all. Download the app for free and call/text your other half directly from your home screen. Admiring her picture adds to the lovely feeling.

15) Love Notes :

“To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.” “Love can hope where reason would despair.”! Wanna dedicate the love quotes to your loved one that too for free? Let Love Notes app do the jobfor you. Download the cool iPhone app and enjoy the largest collection of love quotes. The app with orgeous user interface lets you check out the love quotes and send the same to your loved one thorugh facebook or mail.

Whichever best free iPhone Valentine’s Day app you pick from the list, trust me that you will actually be successful in bringing smile on your loved one’s face this Valentine’s Day. I think these fun, romantic and flirtatious apps will offer you just the right techie way to declare your love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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