Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity and Time Saving

Google Chrome is the newest web browser which is getting popular for its performance, usability and minimalist interface. These days everybody talks about the productivity i.e. everyone wants to get more things done in less time.

Here below is the list of Google Chrome extensions for productivity. Which can surely make your time to be saved in very manner its possible. If you have any other choices, please do share those with us.

1. Send to Google Docs– This extension uses pdfcrowd web service to make your webpage publicly avaiable in pdf form to your Google Docs.


2. StayFocusd– This increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites. An on-screen
timer alerts you when you have wasted more time than you’d wanted.


3. Sumopaint– This is a free and quick online image editor. You can create, share, explore, comment and rate the work of its members.


4. Time Tracker– This extension keeps track of your productivity by maintaing the logs of how much time you spend on various websites.


5. Write Space– This app is a user friendly, self contained and an offline text editor which can be used any time.


6. Webpage Screenshot– This is a fast and simple extension which lets you save screenshots of any webpage into PNG/JPG image format.


7. Minimalist for Google Calendar– This lets you customize your Google Calendar interface.


8. Awesome Screenshot– This lets you capture, annotate and share all or part of a webpage.


9. Cloud Save– This lets you save any online stuff using the cloud services. It supports many cloud storage services.


10. Quick Note– Quick notes is used to manage and organize notes online. You can access your notes with your Diggo account.


11. Mega Button– This free app lets you access many features of Chrome from a single “mega” button.


12. Smooth Gestures– This app makes your webpages navigation quicker and  easier.  This is also called as Mouse Strokes. It can work with any OS (Windows,Mac, Linux).