What’s the Best Browser for Linux?

You need to do a littlehomework, to choosethe best Linux browser as its need specific. The needs of a normal web surfer, a web designer, web developer are so distinguished, and hence it requires understanding of various pro and cons in a particular browser (for Linux).

We searched for different web browsers and trying to reveal the facts about them. In this article, we are providing you a complete guide to help you discover the best Linux browsers.

Best Browser for Linux

With many distros, we previously wrote about best linux distros that have pre-installed application and out of box solutions, do try them.


Firefox is a friendly browser for Linux users. It can be installed on both32bit and 64bit system. Firefox has number ofextensive extensions to choose from. It iseasy to navigate,fast loading, has made it popular within Linux users. It has easy installation, and it renders each website on the web properly, including the banking site as well.

firefox browser for linux

Everything is almost perfect in Firefox as a browser for Linux. It comes installed in many top Linux distrosdue to its fast and reliable browsing experience. But, with every update get from Firefox developers, one needs of be cautious as sometimes your favorite add-ons and plugins might now work. So, I recommend tocheck theextensions forcompatibility, before upgrading to newer versions.


Chrome browser is promoted by Google, The Chromium is in group of Chromesince Chrome is used as base for its development. The chromium is one of thefastest browser, so I consider it worth trying at this time.


Chrome also provides frequent updates and there areno issues ofextension incompatibilities with newer versions. The inspect element tool isinbuilt. If we talk about the syncing optionChrome/Chromium has proven itself to be perfect. There are also some negative points, it sometimes do not render pages properly like with Ebay websitesometimes it shows glitches that are not common.


There is also an awesome as well as lightweight web browser that is Qupzilla. It provides an excellent rendering support while maintaining small resource footprint.


It provides you a good web browser experience with real page rendering capability. It has lightweight desktop environments. It also runs on older PCs. By default, GreaseMonkey and Access Keys extensions are installed.

The bad about Qupzilla is that it doesn’t seem to work reliably on HTML5 videos.


Midori is thelightweight Chrome alternative. Midori has”hamburger menu,” that offersa minimalist experience with utilizing lessbrowser space.

midori browser

Midori is also quite fast and gives bestbrowsing experience. It restores pages correctly and works great. It hasbuilt-in functionality for creating browser profiles, you can setupuser-specific browser profiles. There are some bad points also like, less impressive user extensionsselection, and it takes time to become used to.


Opera is the most misunderstood browser in the market; it providedLinux support but dismissed by the overall Linux community.


It is full ofconfigurable options, and it iscompatible to many old PC’s as well, it also has fast web browsing speed that is useful for Linux users. Opera browser is still popular in mobile platforms, but desktop users are less willing to try it.

So which browsers have you tried on your Linux machine? Which is the best browser for linux according to you? Waiting write in comments, and tell us more about any other linux browsers that can make this list more interesting.