Best Ad blocker for iOS

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Ad blocking or ad filtering is a software capability for removing or altering online advertising in a web browser or an application.

Reasons for blocking ads

  • Protecting their privacy
  • Reduces the number of HTTP cookies
  • Protecting themselves from malvertising
  • Better user experience
  • Some ads cover the text making it partly illegible, making the site unusable
  • Less cluttered pages
  • Faster page loading times
  • Fewer distractions
  • Animations in some ads are distracting to the point of making the site unusable
  • Save battery on mobile devices or laptops
  • Prevent undesirable websites from making ad revenue out of the user’s visit

It is very crucial decision to get an adblocker for the system. For this you may check AdLock for iOS which has many advantages over the rest inthe category. Let’s check out some of the features of the AdLock.

AdLock is a comprehensive solution that blocks advertising in web browsers, games, instant messengers, and other applications.

Blocking the unwanted content saves valuable time, increases the speed of page loading and ensures privacy on the Web. It’s a brand-new, well-elaborated ad blocker for iPhone and iPad users. It is natively designed to extend Safari, provide a maximum ad blocking impact, and remain resource-efficient in any circumstances.


The concept of minimalism and smooth transition is used in Windows and Android applications. Hassle-free, convenient, and easy on the eyes is base of the design. There are two themes:- Dark and Light.


AdLock uses a set of filters, over 200,000 blocking rules in total, that brush off all intrusive adverts, undesired redirects, tons of unnecessary and potentially harmful elements as well as scripts that drive the users mad while working.

Kills every known Type of Ads

It’ll improve overall Safari experience by brushing off all known types of adverts including flashing banners, autoplay ads, those obnoxious fake “x” button ads, timed popups, redirects to “xxx” sites, YouTube/Twitch ads and even more.


AdLock is completely secure and private because it doesn’t read/collect/transmit user data. Alternatively, it blocks third-party trackers, ad/malware attacks, all forms of online tracking scripts, and bugs run by advertisers like Google, Facebook, other big players, and “no-name” publishers. No one will be able to track user or collect their browsing data.


AdLock allows you to manually adjust the filter list we use to determine what should be blocked on the web pages you visit. Take control of your browsing experience: whitelist pages or whole websites when needed, blacklist them again — it’s up to you.

Constantly Improving

No distractions. Totally ad-free world, just performing the business of removing ad/malware every single minute.

Professional Customer Support

Customer service experts are online 24/7, ready to address any occurred issue. Whenever experiencing a problem using AdLock, without any further delay contact customer support as they are ready to tackle any issue and will answer any query about the software.

Premium features

There are premium set of features for iOS users wishing for reliant online privacy and freedom of all distracting elements.

Enhanced privacy and securityHelps by enabling algorithms for blocking all third-party trackers and data collectors, bugs, cryptominers, malicious redirects, and phishing attempts.
Annoyances filterDisable all useless, obnoxious and distracting elements like online chats, widgets, and callback pop-ups on the websites so that to get only the content you need.

“Safe surfing”

As we know that The ad blocking feature of AdLock is based on the use of advertising filters. A filter is a set of rules for sorting out various ads , banners, pop-ups, etc. For high-quality blocking, a massive amount of advertising filters, which are based on EasyList technology is made. Software carefully checks the performance of each filter added.

“Safe surfing” feature is based on Google’s Safe Browsing service. When you click on an unfamiliar link, AdLock checks the database of unsafe websites constantly updated by Google. These resources include phishing sites and sites that host malicious or unwanted software. If the link you are requesting is found in the list of unsafe websites, AdLock notifies you and prevents you from following it.

AdLock uses a local VPN to filter traffic and block requests for phishing and malicious websites. Using this technology does not require ROOT rights. VPN server is stored on your device. This not only speeds up the blocking function but also means that the AdLock servers are not involved in this process. Your data remains on your device.

Why is it Necessary to Buy a License

You can try AdLock on a trial basis for 14 days. If you want to continue using the blocker after the trial period, you need to purchase an activation code. You can do this on website or in the app interface. If you did not receive the confirmation email within a few hours after the purchase, it is likely that the email was marked as a spam in your mailbox. Check the Junk E-mail or Spam folder to see if the order confirmation e-mail is there. Add a new rule to your e-mail client to allow receiving e-mails from adlock.com. If you cannot find the e-mail in the above-mentioned folders, contact at support@adlock.com .

Google earn their money from advertising on sites and in applications. Since AdLock does not let Google get this revenue from the users, it is prohibited on Google Play. App is available by a direct link at the Adlock.com for downloading.

http Filtering

http is a protocol that ensures the confidentiality of data exchange between a website and user’s device. Filtering http allows AdLock to block ads on the websites using this encryption protocol. At the moment, more and more websites are using https: for example, youtube.com, facebook.com, etc. To ensure the performance of the ad blocking function on the http enabled websites, AdLock trusted user certificate must be installed on your device.


  • AdLock will not start automatically when the phone is turned on, as this feature is blocked by the Android operating system itself. To use it, you need to open the app and enable ad blocking manually.
  • With AdLock enabled, the system can not simultaneously work with other VPN applications.
  • Android does not allow tethering mode connections to use VPN. This rule applies to any VPN.

So, after going through the above article, you will now be able to make a decision by opting for AdLock for iOS to get a ad-free experience while surfing thru the web.