Best 3 iPhone File Transfer Software 2022

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Do you need to move important files from your iPhone to another device? No doubt, only a perfect iPhone file transfer solution can fulfill the requirement quickly and most effectively.

So, let us check which iPhone file transfer will provide you the best outcome for transferring data and get the answer.

1.    Visdee Phone Transfer

Visdee Phone Transfer is a one-click iPhone file transfer that allows transferring almost more than 13 data files across iTunes, iCloud, Android, and iOS devices in one click. Supporting over 20000 iOS Visdee Phone Transfer and Android devices, it assists data backup selectively to the computer and lets restore data flexibly through iCloud or iTunes backup.


  • Transfer WhatsApp, back it up and restore the backup from Android or iPhone to a computer.
  • Transfer data easily from old to a new phone from a Google account or iCloud/iTunes backup.
  • Back up more than 20 data kinds from iPhone to computer without iTunes or iCloud.
  • Restore local backup data selectively from an external hard drive or computer to a new iDevice.
  • Compatible with more than 2000 mobile devices, including iPhone and Android, with the latest one.

2. Dr. Fone Phone Manager (iOS)

Dr. Fone Phone Manager (iOS) transfers several files, photos, music, video, SMS, contacts on your iPhone/iPad. This iPhone file transfer will help you manage and control your data by adding, deleting, exporting, etc. It won’t require iTunes for transferring between iDevices and computers. If you feel like removing any data, you can take a preview before deleting files. It can manage and share iPhone photos easily, including Selfies, Live Photos, and Albums.


  • It enables editing, syncing, and managing the playlist of iDevices without iTunes.
  • If the PC doesn’t support HEIC, it can convert HEIC photos to JPG.
  • Sync the media files from iDevices like iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to iTunes to create an iTunes Library.
  • Back up and export your apps that make app management easy to install and uninstall multiple apps anytime one click.
  • Convert the media files to any compatible format during transfer to the target device/PC.

3. AnyTrans

AnyTrans iPhone file transfer helps manage any data file from iDevices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and iCloud content. In a way easy, fast, you will be able to transfer, control, manage, organize, and back up iOS data. AnyTrans can manage your photos and videos into several folders, including Selfies, Live Photos, Time-lapses, or albums. Now, you can transfer music without the restrictions of iTunes.


  • Transfer content freely across iDevices like iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC, iTunes, and iCloud as per your need.
  • Allow transferring almost 27 types of iOS content to any device you want from your device.
  • Back up data in both full and incremental ways as per the requirements automatically and wirelessly.
  • Allow batch exporting or importing and all or selected iOS data with one simple and fast click.
  • Cover all models iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and versions of an iOS system running 5 and above.


At the end of our discussion regarding top-rated iPhone file transfer software, our best recommending software will be Visdee Phone Transfer, as it will provide you the best transfer rate.