Best 3 iPhone Data Recovery for Mac 2023

iPhone Data Recovery

Have you lost your iPhone data without a backup and looking for a recovery solution? When choosing a third-party tool to get back the lost data, you will need a system or PC to run the recovery program. Windows and Mac-compatible utilities are the best alternatives in this regard. Talking of the current trends, iPhone data recovery mac programs have gained much recognition. The following article throws light on some of the most preferred data recovery tools with Mac compatibility.

Part 1: Top 3 iPhone Data Recovery Tools for Mac

Looking at the choice range of iPhone data recovery programs, the list is never-ending. These tools offer great convenience in retrieving lost information from iOS devices. The Mac-iOS combination works well to ensure high-speed performance characteristics, quick system response, and a host of other advantages. The top 3 iPhone data recovery tools for Mac devices are discussed, in what follows next:

1. Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery

If you have encountered a sudden data loss on your iPhone without prior backup, Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery is a one-stop recovery solution. Situations like bad network connections, and failed system updates also hamper the backup process. Using this tool, you can get back all the lost information in the quickest span. The software welcomes its users with a host of the latest and exciting features for recovering deleted iPhone data.

The program works well with Windows and Mac-supported systems to retrieve iPhone data with the highest recovery rate. The prompt output response of the software makes it a universal preference. Major appeals of the program include selective data recovery, data retrieval from iTunes and iCloud, 36+ file format support, 1000+ media files scanning per second, etc.

The latest technology amalgamation, extensive version compatibility with iOS devices, file preview, and safe recovery features are extra feathers on the software’s cap. You can further, restore iPhone data on a series of iOS platforms for increased convenience.

2. Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill is remarkable iPhone data recovery software for Windows and Mac-compatible systems. It can conveniently recover lost, damaged, or deleted iPhone data with notable efficiency. You can use the program to get back lost images, videos, audio, and document files from memory cards, iOS, and Android devices, RAID arrays, etc. The tool also recovers deleted and corrupted data from external, internal, and virtual hard drives.

The software is available for free download on its official website. It is a top-tier program that retrieves lost iPhone data in just a few clicks. You will never need high-end technical expertise to work with the Disk Drill program. Looking at the other side, the tool has some appealing advantages for professional users. It allows them to customize the data recovery process in a diversity of aspects.

The exquisite data protection features of this software facilitate a safe recovery of your iPhone data on Mac devices. This effective program also enables the recovery of permanently deleted and overwritten files from existing backups.

3. Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Leawo is included among the best iPhone data recovery tool mac for iOS devices due to a host of reasons. You can get back all your iPhone data in a few moments with this Mac-compatible program, whether with or without backup. The software also allows users to create data backups for iOS devices on their Mac PC.

It supports 12 different file formats for retrieving iPhone data from iTunes backup. The format count is 6 for direct recovery from iOS devices. You can get back the deleted or lost iPhone data under various scenarios like data sync errors, device upgrades, software malfunction, hardware damage, etc. Data recovery in case the iPhone gets lost, broken, or stolen is also permitted.

The software promotes selective recovery of deleted files through its ‘Smart Filter’ functionality. You can load and preview the desired files for recovery by entering the file names in the filter’s search box. The program greets you with a straightforward interface that is well-suited for beginners and professional users.

Part 2: How to Recover iPhone Data on Mac without Backup

Step 1: Software Download and Program Installation

Download the Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery program on your Mac device and proceed with its installation.

Step 2: Connect Your Devices

Connect the iPhone to the PC after launching the program.

Step 3: iPhone Scanning in Progress

Tap ‘Start Scan’ to initiate a deep scanning of the lost files.

Step 4: Time to Recover

The deleted files appear sequentially on your Mac screen. Select and preview the ones you wish to retrieve and click on ‘Recover’. This may take a while.


iPhone data recovery concerns on Mac devices can be addressed with a diverse range of compatible software utilities. See through the top 3 options discussed above to get back the lost iPhone data in the quickest span!