Best 15 Apps you Need to Download for your iPad Mini

ipad mini

Owning the smaller version of the Apple iPad is something that people are enjoying these days. Its sleek design, weight and size come very handy and convenient in carrying this piece of gadget anywhere.

While there are already some built in applications that are available on your device, your mini iPad experience will never be complete without downloading these 15 best mini iPad apps with interesting features.

1. Amazon Kindle

If you love to read books then this iPad mini app is a must-have. The Amazon Kindle offers a wide range of books from various categories. The application is now optimized to suit the mini iPad interface. You can easily read the texts from magazines, newspapers, PDF documents and textbooks and you can even sync them to platforms that support Kindle tab device and iPad to access them too from these gadgets.


Granting kids unsupervised access to an iPad mini with internet access can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a parent. Child-proofing the device is imperative, and for this, you need to look no further than SecureTeen, a leading iPad parental control app that comes equipped with powerful online safety tools such as internet filtering, social media monitoring, SMS/MMS logging, location tracking, and much more. It empowers you to protect your youngsters from the many threats that plague the cyber space, e.g. online predators, cyberbullies, and stalkers. The best part about this app is that it allows you to carry out the monitoring remotely. The app is definitely a must-have for every parent.

3. Facebook

This another social media app allows you to directly access your Facebook account in seconds. The iPad mini Facebook app comes with better speed on its browsing performance and loading of photos. It comes with a chat feature that allows you to talk to your online friends. Do not forget to set up the push notification feature if you want an instant update when someone likes your posts or photos.

4. Paper

This is a must have iPad mini app for an artist. You can create illustrations, sketches and draw your ideas using the application. Capturing your inspiring ideas is now possible by expressing it in diagrams or notes and you can instantly share online with your friends and for web users to see.

5. Skype

This is an application that allows you to chat or video conference with your Skype contacts. If you want to place an international call to someone, why spend for the costly long distance call? Call them using your Skype account but make sure that the person you want to call also has a Skype account to enjoy the free video call service.

6. AVPlayerHD

It is possible to watch videos from your iPad mini when travelling but the device only supports limited video platforms. With this application, you can download movies from any kind of files using WiFi and save them on your device. There is no need to sync the videos with iTunes.

7. iPhoto

If you love taking pictures, then you should download iPhoto on your device. This is an application with photo editing features that allows you to edit your pictures, browse and share them online. You can create a photo journal with all the pictures you have taken using iCloud.

8. Instapaper

If you find something good to read from the web but donít have the time to read them yet, the Instapaper app can save the web page for offline reading later on. The application is optimized for iPad mini interface for better reading.

9. Book creator

This application makes writing an eBook possible using the iPad mini. This application is best for writers or those who love to keep their own journal or write a story. You can use text, photos and videos on the application with touch optimized control. It is possible to export your contents to iBook for later reading and even send your completed book to Apple to sell it on iBookstore.

10. Gmail

The built in email account feature that is available for the iPad mini where you can add different email accounts may not be enough. If you have a Gmail account, using this application will further optimize your Gmail experience. It is upgraded with better feature of being able to label selected email messages. You can also switch on multiple 5 Gmail accounts.

11. News360

If you want to receive updated news on the categories within your interests, this application has an intuitive feature that could feed you news reports on the categories of your choice like health, sports, fashion or politics.

12. Pages

This is a word processing app that allows you to launch Microsoft documents on it. You can edit texts using different templates and you can also rearrange the images attached to a document. It supports colorful texts and presentations with a touch friendly feature.

13. Netflix

If you donít want to miss an episode of your favorite television show or watch movies with live streaming, Netflix can get you connected in real time using your iPad mini. The application comes with a subscription fee that allows you to access different television networks using a tablet.

14. Tune in radio pro

This app connects you to over 70,000 radio stations to enjoy great music on various categories. You can also access 2 million news program across the globe. You can also enjoy its extra feature of recording shows from your favorite programs on your iPad mini.

15. Google Drive

Get connected to your documents and files anywhere you are through Google Drive. The application allows you to store various files from documents, photos and videos with a 5 GB free storage capacity. It also allows sharing of documents with other people you want to share your files with online.

Getting these best iPad mini apps can certainly complete your tablet experience. With their unique and convenient features, you can always be on the go to work, entertain yourself and be connected with friends and loved ones all the time using your iPad mini.