Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to Ukraine

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With the globalization of the workforce, more companies choose outsourcing software development today. This hiring strategy is flexible and cost-effective, giving clients access to global IT talent and allowing them to perform numerous development tasks with minimal turnaround times. Eastern Europe and Asia have historically enjoyed the best reputation as outsourcing destinations, with Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and the like leading in terms of pricing, while European destinations like Ukraine and Poland are leading in terms of qualification and talent. 

What is Outsourcing? 

Simply put, outsourcing is a process of delegating some software development tasks to a third-party vendor located overseas. Outsourcing can be offshore and nearshore, differing only in terms of the geographical proximity of the vendor to the client’s head office. Outsourcing services have always been praised for cost-effectiveness. Still, they are also associated with some challenges and risks inevitable in cases when a part of the company’s operations are performed beyond the walls of its headquarters. 

Why Outsource to Ukraine?    

Ukraine has traditionally enjoyed the best reputation among major outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe for several reasons: 

  • Geographical proximity and cultural fit. The Ukrainian time zone (GMT+2) is ideal for most Western European companies, allowing a significant overlap of working hours. Though for the North American market, the time zone difference is considerable, it is compensated by a Western mindset, with the Ukrainian work ethics and values highly congruent with those of American enterprises. Such a fit allows smoother collaboration and contributes to Ukrainian IT companies’ popularity in all Western countries. 
  • Large talent pool of qualified coders. To date, Ukraine houses 185k+ qualified and talented software developers of all kinds of tech stack, experience, and qualification. Ukrainian coders are well-tuned to all programming languages, both old and new, so it’s always possible to find the needed specialist in the Ukrainian labor market. 
  • Ideal price-quality ratio. While Asian countries beat Ukraine in terms of minimal price quotes, many of them have a spotted reputation in terms of work quality. Meager pricing is mostly achieved by attracting unqualified labor, which always undermines the project’s outcomes and even puts business survival under question. Thus, experts recommend refraining from the lowest-price offers in favor of the moderately priced but transparent companies with qualified staff. Besides, Ukrainian coders’ rates are highly competitive as compared to those in the Western market; here, you can find experienced coders for $25-49 per hour, while in the West, the average quote is $50-100. 
  • High English-language proficiency. Understanding each other well is critical for the project’s success, so language differences always get in the way of effective workflow. Ukrainian coders are highly proficient in English, guaranteeing that no critical details are lost in translation.  
  • Mature outsourcing market. The number of IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine is incomparable with any other outsourcing location in the region. A significant percentage thereof are mature, functioning in the market for years. Many large international corporations have set R&D centers here, which also implies a substantial level of the market’s maturity. 

In a Nutshell: Why Ukraine Is a Good Outsourcing Option  

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As you can see, Ukraine has much to offer to any client coming with a software development outsourcing project. Skilled coders, English proficiency, competitive rates, and Western mindset dominating the business ethics – it all contributes to a smooth and productive outsourcing partnership.

All you need to do is look through the list of IT outsourcing companies, their rates, staff, and technologies they specialize in to find your ideal vendor of software development services in Ukraine.