Benchmark Review

Benchmark is a clean and intuitive email marketing service is quite handy if you are new to creating and sending email campaigns. It is among few of the best email marketing services for beginners.


It provides various templates. You can quickly drag and drop elements when you edit any of the included templates.

Whether you have to create an email via Benchmark, or you want to write HTML code, instead of using the included templates, you can easily do so. This software takes you step wise method to allow you to setup various scheduled emails.

It also provides necessary features to create autoresponders and surveys too.

Its drag-and-drop methodology of adding various elements like images or Call-to-action buttons makes this service highly simple to create impactful promotional email or any newsletter campaign.

It also provides you the ability to track your email marketing campaigns efficacy. You can easily get reports on open rate, click on links, bounce rate and any forwarding of your emails.


1. Its most salient advantage is the simple drag and drop method to create emails and newsletter formation.

2. You can easily customize sign-up forms with your very own fields which also allows you to gather information other than standard information from your new subscribers.

3. Its support team is always available via phone and email.

4. It also has its own knowledgebase on its own website where you can search and find answers related to your queries.

5. Its interface is quite simple and intuitive which leads to easy and seamless email creation.


1. One of the major disadvantages of this service is its delay in delivering emails. While testing, most of the emails arrived in various inboxes successfully, but it took a considerable amount of time. The review period associated with email campaigns is quite longer than you can expect.

2. So, in most cases, the emails didnt arrive on inboxes at expected time. There were cases when even emails were not received.

3. Its editor definitely lacks some of the important design features like popular header styles.

4. It also doesnt provide you the option of resizing any uploaded image which in turns create an email different than the appearance you wish the email should have.

5. It also doesnt provide professional design services.


Benchmarks interface is clean and intuitive for its users, no matter if they have created any email campaign before, or not. You also have to wait for a considerable amount of time for the review process which results in delaying of email blasts. These reasons keep it away from being the best email marketing services.

In case you wish to go with this service, then do let us know about your experience. We will also like to know your views and suggestions which you can post in the comment section below.