Avidemux Review

Avidemux is considered among the best video editing software currently present in the market. It is a bestvideo editing software which is designed for simple cutting, trimming, filtering and encoding tasks.

This software accepts all of the most common video formats, and it also supports filtering and clipping or cutting videos into numerous sections before converting. This program can be a tough cookie when it comes to ease of use as it is not just a straightforward video converter in which you can load the video and just choose the output video format.

However, it does act as a video file converter along with other advanced options.


Avidemux isn’t one of the easiest video converter software to use as it’s just not a converter. It does all the task which it is supposed to do even if it may take you a little amount of time to become familiar with it and the way things are setup.

This software is a bit more advanced than the other video editing software, but it allows videos to be converted into various common formats. To convert any video by this software is as easy as loading the video through the File menu, choosing the desired output format from the left side of the program and again using the File menu to save it.

The other options can easily be avoided in case you aren’t interested in any further tweaking. There are numerous video formats that Avidemux supports. If you have any video that is in the list of the formats which are present in the “Input Formats” section, it implies that you can easily load the target file into this program.

The list of various file formats in the “Output Formats” section is what you can get your file to be converted into. Input Formats 3GP, AVI, FLV, ASF, H263, MKV, MP4, JPEG, MPEG, MPG, MPEG4, and OGMOutput Formats AVI, FLV, M2V, M1V, MP4, MPEG, MKV, MPG, OGM and TS.


  • Using this program, you can easily clip out your video selections.
  • It supports multiple common output formats that you may require.
  • Its interface is quite clear and uncluttered.


  • The major point that goes against this software is that it is little hard to get accustomed to and also quite difficult to use.
  • Using this program to convert videos can be quite confusing.


Avidemux isn’t a piece of software which have a huge variety of features. However, it performs all the task that are required from it with great ease. Its simple and intuitive interface somehow guarantees that users will be quite able to pick it up and then can use it immediately.

So, go ahead and try this simple yet appealing video editor software. Don’t forget to convey your experience with this software with us. We are eager to know your views and suggestions. Kindly mention them in the comment section below.