3 Best Auction Software with Buyers Guide


Innovative trading platforms & online auctions to specialize on individual solution creation according to criteria for cost-effective turnkey proposals/projects

PHP Pro Bid V8

Online stores Online Auctions Combined auctions & e-commerce, first product on the market to include comprehensive support for both online auctions & E-Commerce

Promena e-Sourcing

E-Auction, e-Sourcing, e-Procurement & SRM solutions with high efficiency, effective control of time, labor & cost savings to customers in purchasing activities

Auction Software

Auction software helps businesses organize online auctions to raise funds. It helps in setting up an online marketplace for initiating various types of auctions, like reverse, forward, penny, and silent auctions. It tries to connect business owners with buyers, bidders, clients, vendors, and service providers. Live auctions, billing, bid management, and invoicing, and membership management are some unique features offered by the type of software under question.

Auction Software: Advantages

Centralized planning

Auction software centralizes the process of with auction-related data to streamline the planning and execution. All features are readily available on a centralized platform to facilitate better communication between the involved parties for the auction.

More cost-effective advertising

The solutions offer businesses to build event branding websites for their auctions. These multi-functional websites are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to paper-based auction catalogues. They are also likely to reach out to many more clients, as complete auction details are available for everybody online.

Wider bidding audience

This type of software helps companies to organize online auctions that get bidding from participants across the globe. Since such auctions appeal to a broader global audience, they have more fundraising potential.

Automated checkouts

Auction software helps in mechanizing the checkout process to eliminate long checkout lines and deliver a stress-free auction experience to bidders. Quicker checkouts make it comfortably easier for volunteers and staff to get fulfilment and other post-auction tasks.

Auction Software: Features

Bid management

Share bid details, get archive bids, and create bid requests for bid solicitations and quote comparisons.

Online auctions

Host and manage online auctions for participants and members can buy, sell, or bid on items.

Online bidding

Allow participants to bid for items online from the location.

Live auctions

Provide real-time auctions for the business.

Donor management

Track and maintain donor relationships throughout the many stages of the auction.

Billing and invoicing

Manage financial transactions of bills, invoices, etc. for the involved parties.

Auction Software: Pricing

Most products in the market are priced on a per-user, per-month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting price. The premium product is rated higher and may include special features, like inventory management and proxy bidding.

Auction Software: Points to Ponder

Type of auctions hosted

There are various kinds of auctions, like live, silent, and online auctions, and not every auctions have equal needs. The software tool you select will depend on the kind of auctions you host. Therefore, the buyer must first list out the requirements and then share them with potential vendors. From there, select one that fulfils buyer needs at the most reasonable price. 

Future event planning needs

The chances are that as buyers business grows, the size and scale of buyers auctions will also increase. However, some auction platforms support only a limited number of events and users. Thus, the user should ensure that buyer selected software doesn’t have any cap. A scalable solution will accommodate the existing and future auction requirements of the business.

Multiple fundraising channels for support

To gain maximum profits from your auctions, buyer preferred auction software should support fundraising channels with bidding alone. Regular donations, online tickets, sponsorships, and sale of fixed-price items, raffle tickets, merchandise, etc. are fundraising avenues that auction software should client use.

Auction Software: Trends

Auction software will be used to manage real estate properties.

Auction software can offer to make property management easier for real estate companies by functioning as a platform that connects sellers and buyers without much headhunting. 

Blockchain tool for art auctions

Blockchain in art auctions can provide to combat forgery and ensure authenticity. The technology can be utilized to record ownership or transfer history of art pieces. All the details of the auction and the articles are logged into decentralized database to verify the authenticity and to prevent a fake part from getting displayed at auctions.

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