3 Best Attendance Tracking Software Buyers Guide

Day Off - Leave Tracker

Simple lightweight, Track team members leaves & vacations Send vacation request Automatically counts public holidays Approval/rejection Leave balance & history

Prospr At Work

SaaS-based workforce management with mobile Shift-based Smarter Scheduling Automated Shift Management Communication Tools Mobile Ticketing, Learn & Develop App

Finclock EMS

Outdoor Workers, Construction Security School Attendance Management, Mobile & web applications to Mark attendance, Task reports & requests both online & offline

Attendance Tracking Software

Attendance tracking software allows HR managers to track and maintain registers of working hours and attendance for employees. It offers users with employee/task scheduling, time management, absence and leaves management, overtime tracking, and document management. Some of the products also track salary/wage records.

Advantages of Attendance Tracking Software

Saves money: With attendance tracking software, employees clock in and out electronically, which not only saves money but also reduces inaccurate time reporting, buddy punching, and overpayments.   

Data accuracy leads to better payroll processing: Manual attendance tracking may be prone to human error, which may result in over/underpayments of the employees. With attendance tracking software, information is automatically logged in the database so that payroll processing can be done accurately.

Real-time visibility into employee schedules: Managers can instantly access employee schedules and coordinate their staffing accordingly. With the help of customized reports, managers can have a quick snapshot of employee data such as absences, overtime, and hours worked, that will help in improving the overall productivity of the employees.

Features of Attendance Tracking Software

Absence management: Coordinate and track employees’ time off, calculate total attendance and leave/vacation balances.

Time tracking: Calculate the number of hours worked by an individual employee.

Reporting/analytics: Track and report information on employee time worked and leave taken.

Employee scheduling: Create employee schedules, assign tasks, and organize shift changes.

Calendar management: Create, organize, and share multiple calendars related to employee schedules.

Price of Attendance Tracking Software

Most available products in the market are priced on a “per employee, per month” basis, and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product that is priced higher may include additional features like report sharing, global compliance library, activity tracking, and client billing.

Buying Attendance Tracking Software

Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility creates the attendance tracking system accessible from anywhere and streamlines location tracking of remote employees with the help of GPS technology. Before investing in attendance tracking software, managers should be definite that it provides mobile functionality so that the time and location of the employees working from remote areas can be tracked accurately.

Integration with other software systems: It’s crucial for attendance tracking software to integrate with existing systems like payroll management and accounting. Having these systems integrated with attendance tracking software eliminates redundant data entry into multiple platforms. 

Compatibility with multiple biometric devices: There are a variety of methods, like fingerprint/face scanners and radio frequency identification (RFID) units, for registering attendance. Check with the vendor to see if the software supports the hardware of choice.

Attendance Tracking Software Trends

Biometric kiosks will help effectively monitor employee data: Biometric kiosks are touch-screen tablets that come with varied forms of authentication tools such as fingerprint readers and facial-recognition time clocks for punching in and out. Employees can also overview their work schedules, time cards, and time-off schedules. It will offer employers to monitor employee data effectively and eliminate buddy punching and incidents of time theft.

Wi-Fi technology helps track employee presence inside the office: Modern biometric technology is paving the way to track employee presence using Wi-Fi. Using the technique, attendance can be marked only if an employee is present within the Wi-Fi connectivity range. It offers to provide and capture the employee’s image to ensure accuracy.

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