Best Animal Shelter Software with Buyers’ Guide

The Animal Welfare App

Sophisticated Web-based Electronic record management Communications system for Zoo Wildlife Research centers Rescue centers and field operations 


Serve foster based rescues Animal welfare groups Animal shelters who desperately need organized ways, wanting to modernize, Require to grow using technology

Shelter Pro

 Full featured Record keeping solution Animal organizations Offers animal control Shelter management Pet license/registration management  Donations Traps

Buzz to the Rescues

All-in-one website platform Pet Rescues Sanctuaries Shelters Dog/Cat Listings Applications Donations Report

PetPal Manager

Modular software Makes it possible for shelters Rescues to streamline processes Procedures: intake & adoption

Animal Shelter Manager

Open-source software Enables animal rescue groups Shelters to manage animals staff documents fundraising 

Animal Shelter Software Reviews

Animal Shelter Manager

It’s going to improve the process. The software does everything for the best!

Pros: When it first got started and went into the world of animal shelters, the overwhelmed list of requirements was ready to strike. When browsed through existing solutions, the software began to work on a solution for their specific problem, which answers 97% of their requirements and is also open source. Translatable and has incredible support! The nonprofit manages a shelter full of pets, lots of foster families, adoptions, returns, relationships with vets and volunteers, donations, the clinic – everything is handled beautifully from within Animal Shelter Manager. Animal Shelter Manager is relatively straightforward to use. Customarily, software like this can be bloated or somewhat janky, but this works very smoothly. All the buttons and options are effortless to find and located in logical places in the UI of the application. You also can teach others whereby to practice it moderately quickly.

Cons: The UI feels a petty old, and the mobile app necessitates an overhaul, but other than that, it’s unbelievable! We hope to cooperate with improvements too. There are several states where the software doesn’t have the full breadth of options that my organization wants, but that is company-specific.

PetPal Manager

Petpal Manager has made adoption experiences so much more comfortable. There is no longer wait until people are back at the facility to process adoptions. It has conserved a lot of time and is hugely recommended.

Pros: Very simple to use at adoption issues. It is manageable to adopt pets. It is so simple to update it between office computers and the adoption laptop. When people work at an animal shelter, they would love this software. It quickly outlined each animal into a name, gender, breed, age, animal type, and even when they were attached to the system. It was so very ordered, and it helped us find the right animal in the system for each client. It is worth liking what appeared to be ease of use, integration with online pet adoption sites. Software is more organized. It makes it a lot more valuable than anybody would think, makes it straightforward to find what you need. It is easy to use, and customer service is terrific.

Cons: Customer services are very dull and non-cooperative. Features to input new pets are confusing to learn. More tutorials are needed to show how to customize it for each rescue.


Pawlytics has been a game-changer for the industry! Previously, this type of software had been out of financial reach for smaller organizations. Pawlytics has enabled them to be more organized and functions more smoothly. Therefore, they have more time to help the rescues. Also, the data needed for fundraising is at the fingertips.

Reasons for Choosing Pawlytics: The other products considered either didn’t have everything organizations needed or offered them too much that they didn’t need. Since we are a foster-based organization alternatively of an animal shelter, there were many records points we didn’t require or want to use. Pawlytics provided them with everything they needed at a low cost without any clutter. Everybody loves Pawlytics. Users are keeping better, more detailed records now with Pawlytics than ever before with foster, adopter, and animal information all in one place because it’s so much easier to do. Adopters get more details about the medical history of their pets. Transitioning animals between the rescue and the municipal facilities the work with is seamless because they can download a pdf with every animal information. They have moved away from paper files altogether, which means they are spending more limited time exploring vet receipts, intake forms, or former adoption records.

Pros: Pawlytics is straightforward to use, swift to set up, affordable, and the customer service crew is always responsive. Pawlytics has permitted us to streamline the intake, fostering, and adoption methods. Document uploads will enable to retain of vet receipts, rabies certificates, and adoption papers, all with the animal so people can be easily located later. With a medical history, the animal’s file can be downloaded to dispense with adopters, veterinarians, or rescues. Foster, adopter, and volunteer data can be collected, and pet history and particulars about their home environment to help us meet adopters/foster with the appropriate fit pet. Pawlytics recognizes the dog rescue organization to keep data organized. Specifications about each dog’s needs, intakes, outcomes, vet reports, notes are all in one easy to access location. The price is Highly affordable – even the most modest organization should have no difficulty, including its budget.

Cons: Users are incredibly excited about the e-contract/signing feature that will be coming to Pawlytics. They keep most of the paperwork virtual already, but having this option will help streamline their adoption process even further. Since the beginning, users have been using Pawlytics as it was being developed, and more features were being added. Several hiccups were accompanying the way, but users are delighted with the current usability level.

Animal Shelter Software

Animal Shelter Software is intended to help animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal control bureaus optimize and accomplish their essential operations, like animal intake, administration, licensing, and adoption control.

Advantages of Animal Shelter Software

Easy record management: Animal shelter software incorporates all animal-related data, like medical history and adoption applications, in a single, organized site. This provides shelter managers and administrators to immediately and efficiently manage and access appropriate documents.

Streamlined summarising helps keep track of animals: Animal shelter software empowers users to manage comprehensive broadcasting of all animal admission, presenting real-time perceptibility into the total intake and the number of pets managed by a system.

Features of Animal Shelter Software

Animal database: Repository of information about all animals below an organization’s care in a pivotal location.

Case management: Act on tasks associated with an appropriate pet, patient, juridical issue, etc.

Intake management: Maintain workflows related to the primary admission of an animal into an organization’s responsibility.

Medical records: Register all medical data, including discussion, vaccination, and medication history.

Adoption supervision: Acquire and prepare petitions for pet adoption.

Volunteer management: Manage enlistee information and support.

Price of Animal Shelter Software

While some animal shelter software products are free, most are priced on “per month” data and classified into three pricing ranges based on their opening price. A business or professional advancement priced higher may include additional features such as donation management, task management, mobile apps, and advanced reports.

Considerations while Buying Animal Shelter Software

Specific requirements and scalability: When evaluating software for marketing, it’s crucial to be careful of your organization’s particular specifications (e.g., employee management functionality, daily statistics, real-time reporting, voucher programs, etc.). Be inevitable to estimate your projected needs and bypass having to reinvest in a new solution as your organization grows.

Adequate training and support: Practice staff to adequately use whatever animal shelter software finance is crucial. Check with possible vendors about their training contributions, the solution’s learning trajectory, and what consumer support they’ll give post-purchase.

Animal Shelter Software Trends

Following pet location and well-being data using wearables: The effectiveness of pet wearables (such as RFID tags and GPS collars) increases significantly. Such devices’ utility goes ahead in identifying a pet’s location to tracking daily exercises and vitals.