ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign is among the best email marketing services when it comes to the marketing world.

It is an affordable service, especially for small businesses. Despite being quite user-friendly and a budget service, it is not well-known in the industry.


1. With standard single-time emails that can be sent to your entire contact list, you also get the option to select from different types of advanced email marketing campaigns which include, autoresponders, RSS-based emails along with A/B split testing.

2. There are a huge variety of email templates to choose from. These templates help you in building effective email design. This also helps up in getting fast pace for building email campaigns.

3. You can also send test emails to a personal email account and check how it will appear when you send it to your entire contact list.

4. Its autoresponders allow you to send automatic emails in response whenever any customer interact with your email. It also provides tools to create date-based email campaigns.

5. It’s A/B testing tool provides you the ability to send similar yet distinct emails to various sub-groups of your contact list to check which email version performs better.


1. Seamless user interface –

Its well-designed user interface is quite intuitive which is also quite easy to understand and any new user can get hold of email creation to sending process with ease.

2. Zapier Integration –

It is integrated with over 150 several tools via the Zapier integration. It allows you to connect this service to a wide range of tools.

3. Flexible pricing –

In case you are searching for an affordable email service for your small business and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on email marketing, then this service will certainly fit your requirement. It’s pricing starts from meager $9 per month without any setup fees.

4. Assistive pointers –

It allows you to introduce a time delay between different steps and notifies you to make sure that the workflow runs quite smoothly.


1. CRM & email builder design –

In spite of having an attractive automation sequences, its CRM and email builder lacks the punch. To find personal information on any lead present in the CRM, you may have to do lots of scrolling down in a tiny window. Its email campaign builder also looks quite retro and old.

2. No native integrations –

It doesn’t include any native integrations when it comes to third-party tools. It does provide over 300 apps and extensions, but for the most, you may have to spend an additional cost.


ActiveCampaign is quite a handy email marketing service which provides with a large variety of templates and great interface. This makes the creation of effective email campaigns. Its A/B testing facility allows you to assess the response of email campaigns and provides you the necessary data to select which email campaign would be more impressive and will deliver a better result.

With this, we end our review of ActiveCampaign email marketing service. Check out this service and share your experiences with us. Don’t forget to mention your valuable views and suggestions in the comment section below.