A Secured Data Sharing Tool: Free Fax Online

Faxes are now things of yesterday. Thatís what we assume. But there are a considerable number of fax users who use faxes for their business purpose. Itís not just big businesses, small and medium sized companies also use faxes for communication. There are other users of faxes as many people need to send the document to various people, like your doctor who might ask you to send a fax of your lab results or your accountant who needs your financial documents. Since emails are not that secure, most of the people depend on faxes for a variety of purposes.

With the advent of the internet, you donít need a fax machine to send and receive faxes. There are multiple web based services which provide you the ability to send and receive faxes online.

Sending Fax

Most of the web services offer you to send a fax to any number you wish to. Most of these services provide free fax service to send faxes. Few of them adds their advertisement on the cover page of faxed documents to promote itself. In case you wish to send faxes without any ad then you may have to spend some money to get this facility. Some of these services come with monthly subscription while other offers a free trial for a limited amount of days.




FaxZero is one of the simplest fax services. All you have to do is to add your name and related contact information and the details of the recipient such as name and fax number. You can then attach documents which you have to send. This software accepts PDF files or Microsoft Word Docs. You can also choose a cover page to your faxed documents. Then you have to put the confirmation code and click on the send button to transmit your fax.

Now, FaxZero sends you an email with a URL which you have to click to confirm your fax and then FaxZero sends your fax to the receiver. You will also receive an email regarding whether your fax was received or not.

If you have to send three pages at one time, then FaxZero is free for you. You can send only 5 faxes per day. But there will be FaxZero ad on the cover page of the fax you send.

If you are ready to pay $1.99 per page, then you can easily send over 25 pages at one time without having any cover page ad.

Receiving Fax

There are multiple sites which allow you to receive fax by providing you a virtual fax number. The faxed pages reach you through an email, mostly as a TIF image or any other graphic format file.


This fax service provides a free version by assigning a dedicated virtual fax number to you. You can receive 10 faxed document pages per each month. In case you need to receive more faxes then you can take this serviceís paid subscription plans.

Now, if you have any requirement to send or to receive faxes, you donít need a faxing machine. All you need is these fax services which provides you great features along with swiftly delivery and reception of faxes saving your time and effort.