A detailed review of Acquire customer support software

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Acquire Customer Support Platform Review

Your customers are the heroes of your story. Yes, happy customers make successful organizations, but, in the times of increasing competition and evolving customer demands, businesses often have a tough time delivering fast, accurate, and omnichannel service to their customers.

On the bright side, 45% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer service. Another report suggests that 86% of U.S. adults don’t mind paying extra for better omnichannel support and customer experience, while 73% of customers claim to fall in love with a brand after interacting with friendly customer service.

According to Gartner, most businesses will compete on customer experience in the near future. As you would agree, fast and accurate customer service is the cornerstone of outstanding customer experience. So, if you wish to grow your company’s bottom-line and build a loyal customer base, you must invest in an intuitive and robust customer support software that will iron out all the creases in your customer support process and make it extremely efficient and responsive.

Acquire Customer Support Software

When it comes to customer support software, there are many options on the market, yet one platform stands out among the rest for its ease of use and seamless integration with other software. Acquire Customer Support software is an easy-to-use platform that is ideal for businesses of all sizes. It is also a perfect fit for growing businesses, as the software can scale according to the evolving needs and size of your company. 

Acquire is a multi-channel customer support platform that has been created for medium to large scale enterprises. The software features a variety of support options and equips your customer-facing teams with real-time customer engagement options, particularly live chat, co-browsing, voice calls, and video chat.

The platform also offers custom-made, AI-enabled chatbots that can handle up to 80% of customer queries instantly. Powered by machine learning algorithms, these chatbots learn with every new interaction and become more adept at handling customer queries with the passage of time. Acquire chatbots can also process customer queries contextually using semantic analysis.

The most significant advantage of deploying intelligent chatbots at the frontline of customer service enables you to filter out frequently asked questions and simple queries that can be handled by chatbots based on previously collected data. Only complicated queries are passed on to human agents for resolution, reducing their workload, and improving their efficiency.

This feature cuts down the customers’ waiting time while also streamlining the support process through centralized data collection and storage that can be easily accessed by customer support agents. Consequently, Acquire not only speeds up the response time but also ensures that customers receive an engaging and satisfactory response.


The Main Features of Acquire are:

  • Live Chat – Acquire live chat can be integrated with your website and mobile app to offer seamless support to your customers in real-time. The software can also be linked to your CRM, email, and helpdesk apps to ensure a high-degree of personalization and accurate responses.
  • Co-BrowsingCo-browsing is an excellent customer support tool to help your non-tech savvy customers solve their issues quickly and efficiently. Co-browsing enables a support agent to see what the customer is doing and help them in real-time by performing the actions on their browser remotely, in the full view of the customer. According to Acquire website, businesses have reported an18% increase in first call resolution and a 14% reduction in call handling times with this unique tool.
  • Voice and Video Calls – Some customers don’t have the patience to chat or explain their issue via live chat. In such cases, a customer support agent can always give the customer the option of talking via messages, voice call, or video chat, depending on their preference and convenience.
  • Intelligent Chatbots – Acquire chatbots can introduce a high degree of automation in your workflow, while also enabling 24/7 customer support that can give your business a distinct edge.
  • Analytics – Today, all successful companies are data-driven and Acquire customer support platform offers powerful analytics and insights into customer behavior that can be used to improve your customer service, as well as sales and marketing efforts.
  • Profile Management – The platform enables businesses to store data for each customer automatically with easy access for better query resolution and faster response time.


Acquire pricing is available in the following plans:

Basic (Per Agent) – $300 Platform Fee + $40/agent/month

Pro (Annual Billing) – $950/agent/year + $50/agent/month

Enterprise – Matter of discussion (Contact Vendor)


Acquire customer support platform equips your business with advanced tools to deliver high-quality support to your customers swiftly and efficiently. Whether your customers wish to live chat, video call, or share their web screens for more control, Acquire offers all these functions and more in a single customer support platform to ensure better customer engagement and faster resolution of issues.

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