6 Ways A Virtual Call Centre Software Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Before the evolution of Call Centre Softwares, only the thought of setting up a call centre to enhance sales or customer service would give any Entrepreneur a migraine. Call centers often required massive financial capital investment in large floor space, seating infrastructure, internet connections, headsets and a whole lot of other necessities.

Call Centre Softwares and the emergence of enhanced small business VoIP solutions has taken a large part of that migraine away. Call centre solutions are now way easier to implement and have become a necessity for many forward thinking businesses. In an age, where the typical customer has become really demanding, your business cannot afford to still settle for basic customer service solutions. 

Excellent Customer Service and Sales Strategy is the cutting edge your business requires to stand out among the sea of business emerging on a daily basis. Here is why you should consider implementing a Call Centre Software solution to help scale. 

  1. 24/7 Availability on All Time Zones

If your customer base is international, you probably have had to struggle with complaints concerning your customer service downtime. Many businesses working with in-house Sales Reps and Customer Service Reps are limited as to when they can be available seeing as all of them exist in the same time zone. 

While some businesses have found a solution by implementing shifts, even that solution gradually becomes more expensive as the customer base grows and they need to keep employing full time reps.

Call Centre Solutions let reps work from anywhere and the majority of them work from home. This means that you can build a dedicated customer- or sales support team in a variety of time zones. With a Cloud-based solution, you can steadily grow your pool of remote reps for a fraction of the cost of full time employment. 

2. Multi-Channel Capabilities

Customer service and Sales is not only about picking up the phone anymore. With the explosion of internet platforms where customers hang out and seek to communicate, it now requires a business’s ability to reach customers on their platforms and provide solutions. 

E-mail, SMS, chat, and social media customer support has become a necessity and this is one benefit that a good Call Centre Software can offer. A great small business VoIP solutions offers integrated systems for all of these platforms so that your agents can collaborate with prospects and customers seamlessly without having to exhaust themselves logging in and out of different platforms. 

This eases the pressure on your reps and grows your sales drastically as more and more customers are now willing to encounter business on the internet than before. It also grows customer loyalty significantly because customers feel more connected to your brand when they are connected on social media and not just via a phone contact. 

3. Build Brand Perception

Brand perception is the key to almost everything that ticks in a modern day business, whether it is Customer engagement, customer retention or the ability to scale your business. Customers respond to you based on how you are perceived.

In the age of social media and massive information circulation, a brand can hardly stay afloat if it is not perceived as a responsive brand and as a personal brand. People want to be able to identify personally with your brand and have a unique experience with it. 

This kind of genuine connection with brands is often killed off when customers have to go through rigorous processes just to connect with reps or if they have to wait a lot or go through heavy red tape to facilitate a purchase or receive a service.  

A proper Call Centre Software solution greatly expands your business capacity to make and receive more calls, increase customer satisfaction and carry customers along when you may be having business difficulties. If customers can communicate with you, they can empathize with you. This greatly bolsters your brand’s image and perception.

4. Scheduling Tasks And Communication

Typically a Call Centre manager will have to keep track of many minute and major details, ensure that communications and programmes are executed by the calendar and on time. This can get really tedious and could cost your company if some major action is overlooked or forgotten.

Call Centre Softwares can simplify workload for your managers and ultimately save you some angry moments with the scheduling features, where tasks, calendar items and other reminders can be scheduled.

This doesn’t just improve customer satisfaction and sales efficiency; it also improves the internal working environment of your business. 

5. Saves A Ton of Cash

Call Centre Software solutions make a lot of financial sense because they can save money on physical workstations and equipments, and start with little capital and no further installments. It simplifies your call centre solution without the need to add a new department or employ more staff.

You need a great software, good internet and you are good to go.

6. Call Logs And Easy Appraisal

At the end of every day, you can easily go through the call logs to know how many calls were taken by each rep, you can also take numbers and relevant details for follow up purposes. 

If customers and prospects are required to leave a rating during or after the call, you can also rate your customer satisfaction and general effectiveness index on a daily basis. This way you can track your growth and pin point what needs to change to enhance growth. 

The Call Centre Software Solution is a win-win for everyone, the customer, prospects and the business. It is not just a viable solution; it is the way of the future for businesses of all kinds and sizes. The earlier you get on board, the faster you can grow.

Image Credit: virtual call center via Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock