6 Excellent Adobe Touch Apps

Adobe has recently added some excellent apps for smartphones. All of these has some function which can’t be replaced by any other application.

Ever since any computer user starts to download software, the foremost priority is given to Adobe due to its wide range of programs. Adobe PDF Reader, Adobe Air, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop have made an huge impact in todays software programs. Continuing the Legacy Adobe has come up with some more exciting application for smartphones, which are worth for every penny they take. Let’s see what new apps has been included in mobile app market.

All the applications can be found on Adobe.com

1. Adobe Photoshop Touch ( $9.99 | iOS 5 + | Android 3.1 +) :Combines multiple images with layers, apply popular, Photoshop effects and filter, even paint cool special effects and filter, even paint cool specialeffectsonto your image. Color adjustment options, Refine Edge tools and more make it a great portable photo-editing suite.

2. Adobe Kuler ( $9.99 | Android 3.1 +):Adobe Kuler helps artists generate inspiring color themes. The app includes an interactive color wheel and different color modes include HSB, RGB, CMYK, and HEX. Users can explore hundreds of thousands of themes in the Kuler community.

3. Adobe Collage ( $9.99 | iOS 4.3 + | Android 3.1 +):This app enables users to create modern moodboards through mixed-media content. Users can apply multiple pen types for varied looks and feel, and text with numerous fonts’ even search and import content from Google and Flickr.

4. Adobe Debut ( $9.99 | Android 3.1 +): Adobe Debut is an app for sharing design and capturing feedback from Creative Cloud. Users can use artboard display controls to import multiple comps from single Photoshop or illustrator file, making up design with a Pen tool.

5. Adobe Proto( $9.99 | iOS 4.2 + | Android 3.1 +) : This app enables you to create wireframes for web and mobile applications. Users can communicate and share ideas with clients and team members all through Creative Cloud. You can create from scratch or well-known CSS grid systems.

6. Adobe Ideas( $9.99 | iOS 4.2 + | Android 1.5.1 +) : Easily create vector illustration and master color with this cross platform art app. The premise of Adobe Ideas is simple : it enables you to get straight down to illustrating with a set of comprehensive toolsets.