5 Top Programs that Every PC Should Have


We are all so used to technology that can no longer imagine our lives without a certain list of devices and apps. But new tools continue to be developed and launched every day. So how do you tell which one is great and which app is a waste of time? As a regular user, you might be overwhelmed with the choice, lacking the expertise to distinguish which software is worth spending time on.

Here is a short yet extensive list of helpful and practically essential programs that your PC has been missing.

1.   Malwarebytes to Protect Your Computer

The internet is full of viruses and security threats, which is why it is so important to make sure your computer is protected. Malwarebytes is a scanner that detects and cleans potentially threatening files and documents. The program has a variety of technological tools to quickly and precisely identify viruses. The free version will remind you to execute the scanning mode and clean your PC once in a while whereas the premium version will continuously scan your files in real-time and warn you immediately.

  • Protect your devices, data, and privacy
  • Secure your business with small business-friendly solutions.

2.   PhotoWorks to Create Great Images

PhotoWorks is a photo editing tool designed by AMS Software. The program is very easy to use and learn due to its simple navigation and clear interface, and has a large pool of helpful functions. Regardless of your experience, you will enjoy working with this tool. If you are a newbie who needs an easy tool to cover up wrinkles or remove red eyes, you will be happy to find one-click solutions. And if you are a guru who needs a powerful tool to edit tons of images every day, you will be pleased to find out that PhotoWorks provides professional tools like Tone Mapping and Curves.

Another great perk is that the program is significantly cheaper than popular Photoshop. Besides, it presents a much larger variety of editing tools in comparison with the built-in program for Windows and Mac.

  • Basic and professional photo correction
  • Convenient one-click solutions

3.   LibreOffice to Increase Your Productivity

Creating text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is an essential part of nearly everyone’s life: some use spreadsheets to keep track of their expenses, some create presentations for clients. Instead of paying a significant fee for the subscription, try LibreOffice – a tool that provides all those tools absolutely free of charge and offline. It is easy to use, and fulfills the same functions as expensive Microsoft products.

  • Clean interface and feature-rich tools
  • Fastest-growing project in the free and open-source software world.

4.   LastPass to Secure Your Passwords

Do you happen to often forget which password works for which website or app? Nowadays, platforms force users to create highly complex passcodes, so no wonder, you might get confused. LastPass is a password management tool that helps you to keep your logins, passwords, and bank account details safe and secure. You only need to memorize one passcode to get access to the program, and you will have the overlook over your entire sensitive information. You can share your account with family members, create a two-factor authentication for higher security, and generate unhackable passcode right in the tool.

  • Keep you and your family safe with access to your digital data
  • Store digital records and simplify online shopping

5.   Ninite to Discover More Helpful Tools

If after going through the list, you still feel like you haven’t found a program that can make your life better, check out Ninite. It is a tool that offers you a variety of PC utilities as well as automatically downloads and installs them. This is how it works: go through the list of programs, check off the ones you would like to have on your PC (from browsers to media players), and the tool does the rest. Ninite handles everything: download, installation, choosing the right folder, and declining extra hardware the program wants you to install.

  • Install and update all your programs at once
  • No junkware or ads

Hopefully, our quick guide helped you find something you were looking for. Tools like these are meant to simplify routine tasks and create better experiences, so try them out, and take full advantage of these technological miracles