5 Best Software Application Security Tools To Protect Your SDLC

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There are several best software application security tools to protect your SDLC. As organizations move the cloud and deploy releases faster than ever, the need for advanced security continues to rise. Therefore, software development enterprises are increasingly prioritizing security tools. Cybersecurity experts recommend implementing multiple tools into development pipelines. Indeed, it’s unlike that one single tool has strong enough abilities to protect your applications from early code stages all the way through deployment. As a development enterprise manager, you need end-to-end security solutions to protect your applications. This way, you can avoid hacker infiltration and prevent cyberattacks targeting. Read on to discover the best software application security tools to protect your SDLC.

ISAT Automation Tool

To protect your applications throughout your SDLC, you need to implement an interactive application security (ISAT) automation tool. Using active verification technology, this tool automatically retests vulnerabilities identified in your programs. Then, it can check to see whether they can be exploited from cyber attacks. Typically, this tool is more accurate than traditional dynamic testing tools. Naturally, this is because it provides developers with a real-time view of vulnerabilities. In addition, it uses sensitive data tracking to ensure that your most critical data stays protected. In this way, an ISAT automation tool is essential to protect your applications throughout your development lifecycle.

Penetration Testers

Next, you need to implement penetration testers to protect your applications throughout your development lifecycle. With these tools, your developers can identify vulnerabilities more efficiently. For example, some of the top penetration tester tools can scan nearly 1000 web applications in one day. Because many of these testing tools utilize automatic scanning technology, set up time is also quicker across your tests. Importantly, these tools do not sacrifice accuracy to deliver this efficiency. Indeed, many tools guarantee accurate detection and generate legal regulatory compliance reports. Surely, penetration testers offer a secure, efficient solution to strengthen your small business cyber security and upgrade your application protection.


In addition, OAuth is another software security tool you can implement to protect your web applications. As an industry-standard protocol for authorization, OAuth is designed to provide client applications with secure access. Working over HTTPS, it can authorize devices, APIs, and servers. Generally, OAuth 2.0 is the most widely used version of protocol. Using this framework, users can grant a third-party web app access to protected information, without revealing their long-term credentials. Instead, OAuth issues access tokens to these clients over an authorization server. Of course, the resource owner must approve these authorizations before the client can access the information. With the golang oauth2, you can access client implementation for OAuth 2.0. For this reason, OAuth is the perfect security tool to protect your Go applications.

Variant Analysis Platform

Moreover, you can also use a variant analysis platform to protect your information online and strengthen your SDLC. These tools can automatically check your code to reveal CVEs. Variant analysis platforms use an advanced code search approach to rank your vulnerabilities. This way you can see prioritize your security alerts. In addition, you can use these platforms to write queries to locate a bug in your project. Once you’ve found the issue, you can extend the query to find code patterns similar to this bug. Naturally, this variant analysis platform streamlines web app debugging so you can deploy secure applications.

Database Security Scanners

Furthermore, database security scanners are also essential to protect your applications. Often, many developers don’t consider databases as part of the core application.  However, developers rely heavily on databases and schemas when building applications. Therefore, it is important to keep them secure as well. Using database security scanning tools, you can check for weak passwords as well as configuration errors. Some tools can also identify access control list issues and mine logs to find irregular patterns. Whether your scanners are running on static data or monitoring data in transit, these are great tools to protect your databases from cyberattacks.

There are several best software application security tools to protect your SDLC. First, you should implement an ISAT automation tool to ensure your critical data stays protected. In addition, penetration and app vulnerability testing offers a secure, efficient solution to protect your web apps. Next, you should implement OAuth when coding apps in Go. Moreover, a variant analysis platform streamlines web app debugging to deliver secure applications to your users. Furthermore, database security scanners can identify weaknesses and errors to elevate your app protection. Implement the best software application security tools to protect your SDLC.