5 Best Free Audio – Video Format Conversion Software

Many different audio video formats are there but still most devices and programs will only take few formats. For eg, iPod doesn’t play DVD or WMV movie, you need convert them into MP4 file.

There are many programs which can do these conversions for you. Here are few such program categories:

1. Device-Oriented Programs – They are capable of converting audio and video files for portable devices such as iPod.

  • Pazera Video Converters Suite – A package having several separate device converters. Each of these converters are powerful, gives custom profiles,  multiple-file support and simple text-based interfaces.

  • Miro Video Converter – A simple interface converter which supports only one file at a time.


2. Hybrid Programs – It do compromises to handle both jobs.

  • iWisoft Free Video Converter – This converter have clean, well organized and user friendly interface. It includes collection of presets and also supports making and saving basic tweaks. Other supported editing features are cropping, splitting, joining and watermarking.

  • Format Factory – This has presets for over 100 devices, converts to and from dozens of formats and allows advance tweaking and custom profiles. Its interface is quite complicated until you learn the interface. Once you learn, you’ll find it responsive, stable and easy to set settings you are looking for. LiberKey, a portable version of this software which is a superb portable application manager.

  • Freemake – This freeware allows you to convert any format of video or audio, DVD’s, photos and even web embedded media files like YouTube and Google. It also gives you lots of presets. This makes use of DXVA and CUDA (two methods of hardware accelerated encoding) to boost speed. There are some negative aspects of this freeware. One of them is FaceMoods Toolbar that is set to install by default.


3. Custom-Oriented Programs – They have lots of settings and the ability to save custom formats. They have more complicated interfaces. Generally, they are used for odd devices or for compressing audio or video.

  • FFCoder – This have a simple and sleek interface with excellent device preset list, highly  advanced tweaks and ability to convert multiple files at once. There are some negative aspects of this freeware. One is less stable on 64-bit Windows systems. It always creates Start Menu entries in the Administrator account, regardless of which non-admin account is being used to install it.


4. Audio-only Programs – They have simple interface.

  • xRecode II – This is the most feature-rich converter having amazing speed of conversion. You can even edit the metadata of MP3 files before conversion. There is a portable version available as well.  You can extract audio from video files, and you can convert from a single source file to multiple outputs.

  • Pazera Free Audio Extractor – This is the audio-only program in the Pazera Video Converters suite. It supports video and audio input and output to many other formats.


5. Online Conversion Websites – When you upload a file it converts it for you and then you can re-download the new format. There are sometimes file-size restrictions with these services.

  • Zamzar – This is a free web application to convert files. You can convert files without downloading a software tool. You can convert documents, image, music, video, audio, e-Book, compressed and CAD formats.