20 Awesome iPad Apps That Will Teach Your Kids to Read

iPad has changed the world and even our minds. iPad is not just a cool device, but provides education, therapy and, of course, entertainment. Some parents might thought of teaching their kids with an iPad rather than old-fashioned paper and pencil, the iPad does offer several advantages over books and even computers and smartphones.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 iPad apps which help your kids to write letters, develop phonics, and even write their own books. Here, we bring to your knowledge some best iPad apps for developing your kids, and please feel free to share your own favorites in the comments.

1. ABC PocketPhonics : Pocket Phonics app guides your kid to write letters through its unique follow-me arrow. Kids can develop skills in letter sounds, writing, and first words with this app. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

ABC PocketPhonics

2. Play & Sing: This is a wonderful app for preschoolers that concentrates on their early learning development through the use of touch screen games and vocal guidance. This app encourages reading, teaches colors, letters, shapes, and even animals.

3. Booksy: Booksy is a learning-to-read platform to help young children. This app help children to practice and develop their reading skills. Parents and teachers can use its powerful tools to track kids’ progress.

4. My Word Wall : An exciting new educational app that develop reading skills for budding readers. Kids will hear, visualize, vocally repeat and write down letters and words. Structured learning and Fun games are add on features.

5. Letter Lab : This is an ideal app for children learning to write and recognize ABCs, trace both uppercase and lowercase letters with their fingers. Hear and see English alphabet letters and real world objects that relate to them. This app provides a voiceover that reinforces letter learning by adding an audio component to each letter and object.

6. Story Patch : This app  gives a platform for your kid to show their creativity. This app allows children to create their own picture books. Customizable characters, hundreds of illustrations, and built-in story themes make this a very fun and engaging reading and writing app.

7. Learn to Read! : This is an efficient learning tool that develop the building blocks of reading. Its a perfect app for Kindergarten to second grade children. Voice prompts, examples, and easy-to-read text come together in this learning app.

8. Phonics Easy Reader : With the Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Easy Reader, little ones can practice their phonics. Short vowel sounds, consonant-vowel-consonant combinations, words ending with ll, ss, ff, s, and plural s are covered in this app. Kids can choose whether a story will be read aloud to them and highlighted, or if they’ll read by themselves, tapping words when they need help.

9. ABC Alphabet Phonics : This free app helps your little one to rapidly learn the ABC by sight, sound, and touch. This is an ideal tool for ages 0 to 6.

10. Reading Raven : Reading Raven is an educational reading app for the iPad. This fun reading guide provides step-by-step reading lessons designed to help children build a solid foundation for reading. It offers teaching phonological awareness, full sentences, and even printing skills.

11. SUPER WHY! : A collection of interactive games through which your child can practice the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading while playing along with main characters from the TV series like Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and Super Why.


12. K-3 Sight Words : Children can learn “sight words” with the help of this app that focuses on words that must be memorized instead of sounded out. A list of words called the “Dolch Sight Words” is complied which have five different levels.

13. Find the Words : This is a free, educational word puzzle app. The objective of this puzzle is to find and mark all the words which are given inside the box. The words may be aligned horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

14. Aesop’s Quest : Aesop’s Quest is a free learning game where the little readers must remember important elements of each story to help Aesop along the way.  It help children by developing their reading comprehension and cognitive reading skills.

15. Read Me Stories : This free app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. This is a great app which develops interest for reading and delivers a brand new book every day. Fun features include text highlighting as it’s read and the ability to touch characters and explore story lines.

16. Scholastic Reading Timer : A free app that encourage daily reading with this iPad reading timer that keeps track of reading minutes and monitors weekly reading goals.

17. Kids Can Spell : Kids can see more than 50 animals, learn about their image, sound and spelling.  Kids can touch each letter to hear its name and can even drag each letter to its place to assemble the word.

18. Reading for Details : This is a paid app that help kids in building their reading comprehension skills. You can play either in practice mode or game mode. Students read passages, then test their understanding of the who, what, why, when, and where at three different levels of reading difficulty.

19. Word Magic : This app is developed for preschooler and kindergarten kids. Kids find missing letters that identify photos, featuring attractive and funny pictures.

Word Magic

20. C is for Cow : Little ones can have fun learning phonetics and letter recognition. Even very young children love to see the animals, repeat their sounds, and learn their names.

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