10+ Super Features of iOS 10

Apple’s new operating system iOS 10 updates are significantly great and features a lot of different changes you may have missed in case you are not looking out for them. Mentioned here are 10 small alterations and changes to Apple’s recent and latest mobile operating system which can make major difference in your life.

Apps in Messages – In case you have downloaded iOS 10, you may have noted that messages’ appearance is different. However, there are quite major changes to Messages, more than expected. Now you have an App store for messages which appears at the left side of the text bar. These apps allow you to do various tasks such as looking up movie times, or buying tickets or making a reservation on OpenTable inside the app. It also provides you the ability to coordinate plans quite easily.

Delete Pre-loaded Apps – Previously few apps in iOS9 could never be deleted, but in the updated iOS10 you can delete them by simple touching with your finger on the icon of app that you want to delete until it start to wiggle and then click the upper X sign to delete the app. Those apps for example are the  - Compass app, Watch app , Tips app etc. You will be able to install them again via App store anytime you want them back later.

 New Tricks in Siri – The Siri Assistant has become quite smarter in the case of iOS 10, however, most of the people won’t actually think to ask it to show off her features. Now, Siri works with many apps and you can guide her to use Venmo, or you can also use WhatsApp to transmit messages on that network. Along with this, you can order Siri to carry out sophisticated searches on your smartphone, like finding emails, photos consisting of various objects and even people.

Home App – The all new home app that can connect to apps and devices that support the HomeKit will take control to your smart home from your iOS device and it works like a charm.

Searches Made Smarter – Now user can use Apple’s object recognition feature to make discovering the exact photo you wish to find with ease. All you have to do is ask Siri to find images consisting of cars or even your dog. The user can also type these different searches by itself.

Locating People – As it becomes easier to detect people in your images way better than before. In the photos app, you also receive an app section called “People” which utilizes facial recognition technology to group the images of the same people. By clicking on “Select” on the screen, you can easily identify various persons in the pictures.

Photo Markup – Now the user can type or draw on any image you click. This makes your photo album on your phone appearing like your own Snapchat account. This particular feature present in the deep, but the users can easily access this feature through opening the image and finding out the three-slider icon which opens up with options to edit the image. By pressing on the three-dot icon within a circle, you can choose “Markup”.

Filtering Emails – As the email inbox can become cluttered, it makes it quite difficult to find the correct email that you are looking for. With its new Mail App featuring in this iOS 10, it comes with a filter button present on the bottom left corner of your phone. It also you to filter flagged or unread messages along with sending messages directly to you or messages with attachments.

Basic Photo Editing – This feature might not draw much attention to everyone, but the users who look for photo editing features will find this features quite alluring. Apple now allows the user to click and edit various RAW images by using different apps like Adobe Lightroom for mobile. Even the photographers can enjoy the commit more advanced editing even with the images taken by their phones.

Closing all tabs at once – In case you surf a lot on your mobile browser, you may have various tabs opened in your Safari browser. Unlike the past when you had to swap to shut down any page, now you can long press the “Done” button present in the page management menu and close all the tabs simultaneously in one go.

3D touch – If you iPhone 6s or even iPhone 7, Apple has various features using 3D touch which includes the hardware feature that allows you to push down on the screen to pull up many menus. It also includes the flashlight app which now has three different levels of brightness. You can also find that via the icon in control center. You can also utilize 3D touch on the timer icon too which allows you to set countdowns for one minute or one hour. The “X” icon present at the top of notification screen can clear various notifications at an instant.

Prioritize Downloads – If you are in a situation to do lot of updates to download, you can take use of 3D touch app to move the priority update at front of the queue.

With this we end our take on Apple’s iOS 10 best features that are hidden within the system. Try these tools and features and enjoy a whole different experience with your new iPhone. In case you find these features helpful then do let us know. You can mention your views and suggestions in the comment section below.