10 Resource Management Software and Resource Scheduling Software

Resource Management Software

When you are in charge of managing a company or a firm, it’s your responsibility to manage the resources in the most efficient way. It’s not easy to manage everything at a time and to keep a track record of every single resource and where you are utilizing them. This is the reason why the resource management strategies come handy, especially in managing everything without creating a mess out of everything.


When we are talking about any project or business event, the primary concern revolves around the proper management of the resources. Resources don’t mean only the raw materials or the equipment on the construction site.

In fact, when you are planning to arrange for a conference meeting, the files, the rooms, and even the seats can be considered as resources.

So, resource scheduling means the different sets of actions and strategies that a business firm undertakes in order to purposefully assign the resources to different parts of the project. The strategies are so formulated that they will decide the usage of the available resources to complete the project, set the date of commencement and end of the same, and many other things.


Forecasting means to predict the outcome prior to the beginning of the process with the available data. The reason why forecasting is given so much importance in resource management is almost similar to that of weather forecasting. By having a vivid idea about the cost of the resources, the availability, the entire budget plans, and the consumption rate, one can effectively plan the project budget and the course of the actions.

The forecasting usually is done prior to the sales process, making sure that the firm can assess the project budgets, the project estimates, and even the hours per day that will be employed in the project.


As the resource planning can be a tiresome job in case if you have to plan for a colossal project


  • Float

Float is considered to be one of the best resource management platforms since the time of its launch. Loaded with many advanced features, the application has helped many business firms to manage their resources in the best possible way, without living any place of disappointments or complaints.


  1. Helps in making changes and accessing the planned schedules at the same time
  2. Up-gradation of the resources are done via mail and live notifications. This ensures proper flow of messages in all the realms of the business.
  3. The reporting component will help you in comparing the quotations from different contractors, keeping a track of the resource utilization and also in deciding the billing method of the resources.
  • Resource Guru

Resource Guru is quite an old competitor in the field of online resource management software. The features have been helpful in drawing visual calendar interface, indicating the availability of the resources, moving the resources, scaling the view and so on.


  1. Resource Guru has successfully prevented the clashes between different resources.
  2. The platform will allow each member to have their own personal dashboard, and hence, helping them in keeping a track of their jobs.
  3. The reporting components will allow you to assess the level of consumption of each resource. It also answers you how you can utilize the remnants.
  • Hub Planner

Hub planner is a new tech-savvy application which has proven to be efficient in managing the resources effectively and also in integrating time and other aspects of the business. It helps you in scheduling both the utility of the resources and the time that you have got for the project completion.


  1. It is loaded with features like dragging and dropping the resources, splitting the tasks, checking the budget plans, planning the holidays, calculating the sick days, and so on.
  2. The dashboard is dynamic in nature, thus allowing you to keep a track of the changes in the workflow.
  3. The modular approach to the resource scheduling dashboard will help you in removing and adding the different extensions to the workflow and other plans.
  • Saviom

For forecasting the resources and the plans in an enterprise, Saviom is perhaps the best app that’s out there for the owners. Features are variant, some of which quite closely resembles the other resource managing platforms.


  1. The platform is loaded with the Gantt chart which will help you in dragging and dropping the various resources, thus helping in their proper scheduling.
  2. This particular software will help you adjust the sheets according to the size and the capacity of the business firm.
  3. Saviom acts as a product and not as a service. This will allow you the access both on the cloud network and on a company server.
  • 10000ft Plans

Though the features of this software seem to be simple enough to deal easily, the same thing cannot be said about its efficiency. In fact, the software has proven to be extremely beneficial in industries like designing, architecture, marketing, and so on.

  1. The resource-matching feature of this software will help you in matching the individual resource’s portfolio with the requisites of the project you are dealing with.
  2. Using this software, you can even deal with the complex projects, especially with the built-in timesheets and expense tracking features.
  3. The filtering process of the project plans is user-friendly, thus allowing you to have an entailed report on various aspects.
  • Elapseit

With various built-in features, the user interface of this online software isn’t quite complicated as it seems to be. In fact, it allows the users to come up with different resource ideas and implement them in reality.


  1. This resource scheduling software will allow you to keep a track of the holidays, both public and religious, vacations, and other leaves.
  2. There is a specific section installed within this software that will allow you to know how much of a particular resource you are left with.
  3. The different features are connected with each other, making your job easier and also concentrated.
  • Forecast

Forecast software is based on artificial intelligence technology and that’s why scheduling the resources has become fruitful. This is the reason why this software is so handful and comes with the benefit of full-scale, algorithm-based optimization.

  1. The ‘quick booking’ feature will help you to assign the individual persons to their fitting job in the project.
  2. The timesheets and the different tracking features are in-built in the software, allowing you to measure and create a proper workflow graph.
  3. The insights can be filtered using the multi-level filters and hence you can share them with your clients and another stakeholder of your company.
  • Productive

As the name sounds, the software produces productive results, especially with all the integrated business tools in the software.


  1. The booking indicators will give you notifications about the booking level of both the resources and the individual employees.
  2. The integrated business tools help in performing proper resource scheduling.
  • Epicflow

Epicflow is the only application where you will get the associated features of the MS word and the Jira. Most of the top most companies in the world use this online software to schedule their resources and perform different types of assessments on them.

  1. Epicflow schedule the tasks and the resources based on the demand and hence perform the action based on priority.
  2. The software deals with the problems by using the algorithms and plots the various resources against a real-time graph.
  3. The most interesting thing about this online software is the free check-up of the health of your business organization that will let you know about both the virtues and the glitches within your system.
  • Teamdeck

Teamdeck provides a solution for the operations done by a team, and hence can even handle the complex problems which include several heads.


  1. The main three areas that Teamdeck focuses on are resource allocation, employee utilization, and the forecasting capacity.
  2. The initial versions are free and hence you don’t have to worry about paying a few bucks to get the premium version.

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