10 Best Slideshow Software of 2019

There are numerous professional slideshow software that are present in the market which you can use in order to create appealing and beautiful slideshows. But, choosing the right one can be quite a tedious task. In order to help you decide, we have compiled a list of top 10 best slideshow software of 2018 which will certainly help you a lot in your quest to choose the right one. Mentioned below is our list:

1. SmartSHOW Deluxe

SmartSHOW Deluxe

It provides various tools to add special effects as it comes with 120 transitions from which you can choose, and you can also add animation overlays over the photos. This program provides you with the complete control with the animated effects, but you can’t add video clips to the slideshow or edit the photos. It comes with 60 photo templates and 86 backgrounds as well as themes from which you can choose. You can also have audio files to overlay or play through the slideshows. However, this program doesn’t have the undo feature which makes some of its processes little bit complicated. You can convert your slideshows into different types of file which includes, MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP and WMV. The slideshows are specially made for smartphone or tablet, or you can also even make an HD-formatted DVD.

2. Photostory Deluxe

Photostory 2015 Deluxe

This photo slideshow maker facilitates creativity with its outstanding feature set along with wide range of input and output options. You can also control specific slideshow effects like zoom effects, rotation etc. You can add as many images you like, and with 250 transition effects, you are allowed to add a wide range of one slide transitions to next. A lot of transitions are made available in HD quality. It does come with a complete photo editing program as well as full music editing program which helps you in making a slideshow that utilizes the recent advancements in photo technology. Its photo editing consists of major features like red-eye reduction, contrast and brightness control etc.

You can easily publish slideshows online to YouTube and Facebook and also upload them to any website, share them through email and view them on smartphones as well as export them to any multimedia device.

3. PhotoStage Slideshow

PhotoStage Slideshow

It is one of the lesser expensive programs which comes with a decent library of effects and features. It has most of the basic editing and creating tools.

You can easily add video clips, music, clip art and voice recordings. It also has in-built audio file mixer to assist you in perfecting the music and recordings that you use. This program has few of the best input as well as output compatibility and can assist you in creating interactive, DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray Discs. It is compatible with MPEG4, AVI, MPEG2, QuickTime, Window Media and HD files. You can save photo slideshows as they are compatible with iPhone and other types of mobile devices. You can also share your creations through Facebook and YouTube.

4. Photostory Easy


This photo slideshow creator features a slideshow wizard which launches every time when you open the application that walks you through each step of the process of creation to make sure that you have all the effects in your slideshows. Using the in-built wizard, it is simple and quick to import images and music clips. It comes with music tools which allow you to create shows with audio clips, music and even voice narration. It offers the ability to adjust contrast and brightness along with the ability to flip, zoom and rotate images. You can also publish finished slideshows to interactive DVDs and CDs with customizable menus. Its wizard and interface is quite easy and friendly to the beginners.

5. ProShow Gold 6

ProShow Gold 6

It offers all the important slideshow features with 427 transition effects which are capable enough to make beautiful projects.

Using this, you can add as many photos as you want. It is quite easy to use, and it also features audio as well as captioned instructions in order to help you understand and learn the various features. It does have a steep learning curve. It is quite good for experienced users. It is compatible with major slideshow export formats which include MPEG2, DVDs, MPEG4, AVI, interactive CDs, Windows Media, QuickTime and HD files. You can also share your finalized projects through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or email. It is also compatible with smartphones and with other viewing devices.

6. CyberLink MediaShow 6 Deluxe


This photo slideshow application features great transition effects as well as photo-editing capabilities along with exceptional output options. It is quite easy to use, and you can easily create professional as well as a custom slideshow in a matter of minutes.

Along with many of the advanced features, it provides the basic tools which are common in most slideshow makers. It features 31 transition effects, and you can also add an audio track in order to give your presentations a more entertaining touch. It offers FaceMe which is a face-recognition tool that helps in identifying the people in the slideshow.

It also includes quick-fix photo-editing options like cropping, red-eye removal, auto brightness, balance, contrast and lighting. It can also import MPEG1, MPEG2, DV-AVI, DVR-MS and WMV video files and also export WMV and MPEG2 files. You can easily publish to an iPod, iPhone or other mobile devices.

7. PicturesToExe Essentials 8

PicturesToExe Essentials 8

It is a great slideshow maker in case you wish to create picture slideshows which have a professional touch. It provides over 60 transition effects. You are provided with the control over the length of time to display every slide an also add video clips as well as text captions. You can easily record narration track and play it along with numerous music tracks as well as sound effects, throughout the entire slideshow.

This software excels when it comes to input as well as output options. You are provided with an option to share the slideshows online instantly using Facebook and YouTube. You can also create interactive CDs, DVDs and even watch the slideshows on few of the specific mobile devices. This application comes with drag and drop capabilities that makes it easy to upload, and you can begin creating the slideshows.

8. DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

When it comes to creating appealing and entertaining photo slideshows using images, then this software is perfect for you. The greatest strength of this software lies with its editing tools as well as creative structure. There are three essential parts of this slideshow maker: Organize, Personalize and Create. These three particular modes assist, break up the editing and creation processes in order to make the slideshow design simpler as well as quick. In the Organize, you can easily choose the specific images that you wish in your picture slideshow. The Personalize mode allows you to add special and extraordinary touches of your own. In the Create mode, you can publish the work of yours. In case you need to learn how to make a slideshow, then this is a perfect choice.

This slideshow creator provides more than 450 theme and background templates. There is apparently no limit to numbers of photos that you wish to add in each of your slideshows, and there are over 130 transition effects which are available to you. You can easily share the slideshows on social networks like Facebook or on YouTube. However, you can’t create any interactive CD or email the slideshows directly using this software.

9. InAlbum Deluxe

InAlbum Deluxe

It is a software which is quite straightforward as well as fairly basic. This particular application offers you a lot of input as well as output options along with tools to upload music, include video clips and add clip art to your slideshow. It features over 300 background templates, and it has 50 transitions effects which you can add in order to add variety and entertainment to your slideshows. However, you are allowed to add only 1,100 images to each of your slideshows.

You can easily send your slideshows in an email or post them to YouTube, Facebook or any portable device. You can also make them easily available online and also turn them into HTML files as well as screensavers and interactive DVDs and CDs. However, this software lacks the ability to publish slideshows in HD.

10. Microsoft PowerPoint


It is considered to be one of the most well-known professional slideshows creators. However, it has various tools in order to create quality multimedia presentations as well as personal photo slideshows. It is a feature-filled application even though it lacks some of the input as well as output formats. It comes with 26 background templates from which you can choose, and it has 50 transition effects which you can add to your slideshows. You can easily include as many images that you want, and you can also add video clips in case you want to along with audio narration. Apart from this, there are various dynamic galleries, animations as well as live previews.

You can easily send the presentations as a particular email attachment, a QuickTime file and even put them onto a DVD and interactive CDs. However, you can’t share the slideshows with others by directly uploading the presentations to Facebook, YouTube or any other social networks. Also, this software is not compatible with formats like MPEG and AVI.

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