Why Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses During Critical Times?

Digital Marketing

Over the past two months, life started to be complicated, because of the global pandemic. For most people, it is the first time we face such a situation.

Most businesses also have a hard time and should stay flexible to stay afloat and run effectively while the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over the world. Digital marketing makes it possible for many brands to remain connected with their prospects and existing customers and yet still maintain good sales during this period. 

Millions have been confined to staying at home. Digital and online media remain the best strategy to connect with their targeted audiences. Many internet providers have reported an increase in network and data usage over the past weeks. 

Also, social media platforms have gotten an increase in their user activity ever since the virus pandemic started.  Of recent Twitter reported 23% increase in its daily users just in the 2020 first quarter.  Many people in this quarantine period are now using apps such as Facebook and others to keep in touch with family and friends and still get abreast of the current happenings. According to experts from Digital marketing agency Melbourne, now when people stay most of the time online could be extremely beneficial for brands to invest in digital marketing. 

What kind of Marketing Strategy should be used? 

There are varieties of marketing strategies brands can adopt during this pandemic:

Search Engine Optimisation: Take any downtime you have as a chance to invest in your websites online ranking. Get ahead of your competitors by implement an strategy.

Google Ads: Use targeting marketing to drive traffic to your website. For businesses that have had to re-invent themselves Google Ads is a perfect way to gain online exposure for new products and service your business is offering.

Web Design: If you have spare time on your hands why not use it productively by looking at re-vamping your out of date website or even building a new one? The web design team at Digital Movement can assist you to do both.

Social Media Marketing: Enable your brand share lighthearted posts and contents to enliven your customers and engage your followers. 

Blogs and articles as a means of educating your readers on the impact of the virus on some parts of the economy. 

Virtual webinars can be conducted to connect with your customers or prospects to keep them engaged and share some useful tips while theyíre at home. 

Videos to entertain and show support for communities, health care workers and local businesses. 

From many indications we can see that most companies are still trying to maintain their routine in their little capacity. They are still thriving as they try to engage their workers to work from home. Consumers are trying to remain relevant while still believing that eventually they will go through this and life will get back as usual.

Brands can grant solace and comfort as far as they keep their message on point. 

What consumers are expecting from brands during this pandemic? 

It requires a lot of skills to carry out effective marketing in a situation of pandemic or in any health emergency. 

A brandís tone is important, and it is necessary they donít appear as too grave or rather glib during this pandemic. 

Digital marketing agency Melbourne advises to review your current marketing campaigns and then adjust to any activity that doesnít appear appropriate in this time and clime. Content that might have been innocuous just a few weeks ago might appear tone-deaf and out of touch. Trying to ignore the virus will not be the right route to follow either.

Try to clear any fear or doubt your customers may have developed about your product safety or your service delivery. It is good to be transparent and responsible during this period to gain credibility with customers in the long run. 

Try not to overdo your responsiveness to the virus outbreak. Some industries will not be greatly affected like the others and trying to overemphasize your effort may pass as self-serving or self-aggrandizing. Promote your brandís effort to support health care workers, essential workers, local businesses, charities and it should be about them and not about your company. 

Above everything, pay attention to your audience.  Listen to your customerís needs and take the necessary steps to attend to them. Make sure people know that you make little contributions to help slow the spread of the virus, even if it means that your business experiences short-term losses. 

Digital marketing may not be a panacea for a struggling business during this virus outbreak. But this platform will help to the brands stay connected to their prospects and customers and help reduce the anxiety and keep them engaged throughout the period.