Using a PEO Company for Legal Support

Small or medium-sized businesses that might not necessarily have the finances for proper risk management protocol could end up in legal issues. Ignoring or mishandling complaints or lawsuits can be very costly to your business. It is critical for your companies success that and potential risks are addressed and handled correctly. 

PEO Company & Legal Support

A PEO, a professional employer organization, is a service that you can outsource.  A PEO company will help with HR-related issues, safety and risk mitigation, payroll processing, employer tax filing, health benefits, workers compensation insurance, employers liability insurance, and lawsuits. 

Outsourcing a PEO means your business will enter a co-employer agreement, and through this agreement, the PEO company becomes the employer on the records for proof of tax purposes. When you are in a co-employment arrangement, the PEO company has shared liabilities with your business, that is associated with employment-related claims, including wrongful terminations. A PEO company is an excellent resource of knowledge. They employ numerous experts who can alleviate the stress of costly lawsuits or settlements. PEO companies that can help with compliance and have human resource experience will make sure that all business policies and procedures are legal and follow protocol. 

A PEO company can be an invaluable partner, and they have a team of experts to guide HR programs. Here are ways that working with a PEO company can help for legal support:

Benefit Packages

The ability to offer your employees a mix of benefits can amplify the workplace environment and inspire happy employees who want to do there best. Being able to provide benefits will show you care about your employee’s health and wellness, and by working with a PEO service, you can leverage their buying power to access benefits at competitive rates, health insurance, dental, life, voluntary benefits, and more.


PEOs have specialists who keep track of legislative changes and understand the implications of modern work arrangements, such as remote, flexible hours, out-of-state employees, and contractors.  Managing unemployment claims, deductions, withholdings, employee classifications, and tax filing are difficult and complicated, so it’s best to leave it to the PEOs experts who can guarantee they’re following legal protocol. PEO are such a great help. If you are looking to outsource payroll in China, Check out GlobalPEO.

HR Guidance

PEO services will offer your employees training on HR topics such as OSHA, FMLA, discrimination, dismissal, and interviewing basics, ensure you are using the best practices when outlining employee expectations and policies that can help minimize them. You have on-going access to expert advice when needed. 

Detailed Records

A PEO company that is helping with HR-related duties will keep detailed records of transcriptions with employees, so that accounts can be kept accurate. The HR specialists in the PEO company will know to keep all information dated and as precise as possible, such as records of employee incidents, performance reviews, disciplinary warning, and reason for termination. Being slack or not recording any information, could lead to a complaint or lawsuit and hurt your pocketbook and credibility. 

Inforce Policies and Procedures

The HR specialists with a PEO company can help you in developing a proper employee handbook and policies for the workplace. This is a tool that conveys critical information so that employees clearly understand policies and procedures in the workplace. A PEO company will help with onboarding employees, and making sure the proper paperwork is done, and the policies and procedures are being followed. 

Final Thoughts

A PEO company helps provide you legal support by making sure your company is in good standing, has detailed records, and property HR-related duties are being followed in conjunction with the laws, such as payroll, workers compensation insurance, and tax filing.