Stay Ahead of the Curve by Following These Three SEO Trends in 2017

Keeping up with emerging trends in the SEO industry is important if you want to stay ahead of the curve and beat your competitors in terms of Google ranking. Here, we look at three growing areas you should be considering in 2017: mobile-first indexing, AMP and PWA.

Adapting to mobile-first indexing

Google is in the process of implementing mobile-first indexing. If your business hasn’t yet done it, you need to adapt your website to ensure that it is in line with the changes that Google is making. This means making your website not only increasingly responsive, but also highly adaptive on mobile.

Creating different versions of your website for desktop and mobile is not sustainable. A better strategy is making content and pages appear the same on both so that once Google deploys its mobile-first indexing, your website will be visible. Initially, your desktop-only pages may, however, lose visibility during the transition period.

Work with your SEO firm to ensure that you have in place structured data for your website’s mobile version. Avoid making the mistake of avoiding the use of structured data so as not to lose out on speed.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP has certainly generated a lot of concern among SEO Noosa firms, webmasters, and large news sites. Nevertheless, Google continues to lay on the pressure for websites to hop onto the AMP bandwagon. Google first used it for blogs and news sites and later on directed it to recipe sites as well as ecommerce websites.

Therefore, if your business site already benefits from a large volume of traffic coming in from mobile search, you might want to have a top SEO firm, such as Oahu SEO Expert – Best Source Marketing, come up with a schedule for building an AMP version. This is especially the case if you have a recipe site, news site, blog or ecommerce site.

Progressive web apps (PWA)

PWA is among the growing SEO trends of 2017. Google has been seen to endorse the trend via its developer website and webmaster blog. Moreover, Google fans have been heard suggesting it in private chats as well as in conferences. It is especially useful for ecommerce websites that find it a challenge to fully adopt AMP.

According to a study done by Google, the new speed benchmark is three seconds. This is not an easy standard to reach, even with mobile sites that are responsive and highly optimized. Then there is the little matter of security. These are among the reasons behind the rising interest in PWA (it only works with HTTPS).

While it has yet to be fully integrated into the SEO industry, it is a good idea to keep an eye on it and be prepared to make changes as soon as it becomes necessary.


These are but a few of the emerging trends in SEO that you and your SEO firm should keep an eye on. Staying up to date with Google’s upgrades to search engine algorithms is the only way of ensuring that you stay on top or near the top of SERPs.

About AuthorJudith R. Morehead has worked as a researcher and content creator in the SEO industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to SEO, including how to find the best Oahu SEO Expert – Best Source Marketing.