Top 4 tips to boost blog and website traffic


Creating a website or blog is nothing to write home about these days. However creating a successful website or blog is definitely something to boast about. What that also means is that it’s a lot harder, obviously, and not everyone manages to pull it off. Some just don’t have the flair for such things while others have everything they need but lack a couple of key elements before they can call their platform great. In this article, we are taking a look at the latter category and the top things site and blog owners can do to improve their success.

Take care of how everything is organized

The content of the blog is very important but blog owners also need to pay attention to their placementSEO. What this means is that the way in which the tabs, menus and overall elements are placed on the website can dictate how successful that site will be. The most successful page layouts have proven to be those that display the main menu either right at the top or on the left side of the page. While bloggers and website owners are free to put it wherever they like, those two are the most successful, given the statistic. Also, menus shouldn’t contain more than 5 to 6 elements as being overcrowded will make it look cluttered and unattractive.

Using the right keywords

Going back to the subject of SEO, it is very important to use the correct keywords in the correct places. This will boost the traffic on a website considerably and is one of the primal elements needed for success in today’s blogging scene. Titles and subheading should not be overlooked either, as every bit of text real estate counts towards improving the SEO ranking.

Web design and blog aesthetics

It is very important to make sure that visitors don’t feel as if the blog content has been thrown on a surrogate platform and is just clandestine to a website with other purposes in mind. It is important that the blog feels at home and those who read it get that sense from the décor and page design. Let it be something inspiring or thematic in a way that syncs up with the blog itself. It will help not only by presenting something pleasing to the eye but also by allowing readers to get a sense of immersion into the blog content

Marketing and social media integration

One of the oldest yet effective ways in which people can make a blog popular is by telling other people about it. By spreading the word, more people come to check out the blog and each might end up staying. Using social media as a ramp to promote content is an excellent way to get a blog rolling. Also, integrating interconnectivity with popular social media platforms will boost outside interest and create a more useful environment for visitors.